How To Pick Your Favorite Member Of One Direction

Liam or Harry? Niall or Zayn? We can’t forget about Louis. Who do you choose?! Believe me, it is a TOUGH decision. Why should we have to choose between 5 beautiful men? They’re all equally wonderful. And they have accents. It’s not fair to choose. But if you have to, I can help. After seeing them in Philadelphia on their Where We Are tour (Thanks Sony!) I have ample evidence to support each guy.

Here are your reasons, starting from youngest to oldest:

Harry Styles (2/1/1994)

He’s not afraid of being goofy, like at all.

He will PROPOSE to you if you show up to the concert in a wedding dress.


His dancing is a strange mix of wiggling his legs while pointing his fingers.

His curls.

*** On August 13th, 2014, he took his headband off and it was AMAZING***


He will stop in the middle of a performance to read a book.

He spends a great portion of the concert just waving at fans.

He enjoys spraying water like this:

This lip bite:

He will sing someone else’s verse in a song and mess it up adorably.

He’s silly enough to recreate popular vines.

Niall Horan (9/13/1993)

He’s the only Irish band member and he will never let you forget that.


He’s got the best hand gestures out of the entire band.

Even Zayn can’t keep up.

Niall is actually a fanboy(girl) at heart:

He looks great holding a puppy.

He plays the guitar, a lot.

And it’s REALLY hot.

It’s easily one of the hottest things you’ll ever witness.

Honestly, this is all you should need to become a Niall girl/guy.

Actually, I’m sorry. This is what you need:

BIGGEST PLUS: This is still true.

Liam Payne (8/29/1993)

Liam does what thousands (millions) of people want to do…smack 1D butts.

Liam gets really into singing the lyrics to every song.

Liam is the god of wearing jorts.

Who knew jorts were even in again? Liam did, that’s who.

His eyes crinkle when he laughs.

He also laughs a lot when he’s on stage.

Cause he’s having an awesome time, obviously.

Liam knows exactly how to get a crowd jumping.

He can dance AND sing like Michael Jackson.

He is comfortable with his body, because he is PERFECT the way he is.

This song and dance combination:

Zayn Malik (1/12/1993)

He can hit notes so high, you’ll feel it in your bones.

He is very pensive. You two could have deep discussions.

This is what he looks like with his hair slicked back and holding a (fake) guitar.

He has an adorable little giggle/smile.

Here is that hair & giggled combined:

I’m so sorry if you’re a Zayn girl now and just fainted.

He actually listens to choreography very well.

His cheekbones.

His entire face, really.

Louis Tomlinson (12/24/1992)

His arm tattoos could make a saint swear.


His hair is so long now that he’s perfected the hair flip.

He’s got an adorable little smirk.

Even he knows he has a nice butt.

Just look at those eyes when he sings:


He can teach us a new style of how to vogue.

Did you choose one? Maybe these options made it harder on you. If you still can’t decide, just be like me and say you’re equally dedicated to all five members. One Direction started the U.S. leg of their tour in East Rutherford, NJ on August 5th and will be making some Midnight Memories around the country until October 5th.

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