Pierre Abraham


Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (11)

Brotherhood of the Wolf 2002 (Movie)

film electrician (Electrician)

Jefferson in Paris 1995 (Movie)


The Age of Innocence 1993 (Movie)

(Paris crew) (Gaffer)

Au Pays des Juliets 1991 (Movie)


L' Etat sauvage 1990 (Movie)


Le Grand Ruban 1990 (Movie)

head gaffer (Gaffer)

Beyond Therapy 1987 (Movie)


Retour a la Bien-Aimee 1978 (Movie)


Judith Therpauve 1977 (Movie)


Lethal Exposure (TV Show)

Camera, Film, & Tape (4)

French Twist 1996 (Movie)

head lighting (Lighting)

Tell Him I Love Him 1976 (Movie)


L' Ombre des Chateaux 1975 (Movie)


Une Fille cousue de fil blanc 1975 (Movie)