Pierre Watkin

Born: 12/29/1887


Actor (30)

High School Confidential 1958 (Movie)

David Wingate (Actor)

The Flying Fontaines 1958 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Beginning of the End 1957 (Movie)

Taggert (Actor)

Pal Joey 1957 (Movie)

Mr Forsythe (Actor)

The Maverick Queen 1956 (Movie)

McMillan (Actor)

Creature With the Atom Brain 1955 (Movie)

Mayor Bremer (Actor)

Don't Knock the Rock 1955 (Movie)


About Mrs. Leslie 1954 (Movie)

Lewis (Actor)

Johnny Dark 1954 (Movie)

Winston (Actor)

Redwood Forest Trail 1950 (Movie)


Knock on Any Door 1949 (Movie)


The Story of Seabiscuit 1949 (Movie)


State of the Union 1948 (Movie)

Senator Lauterback (Actor)

The Counterfeiters 1948 (Movie)


Dakota 1945 (Movie)


Jungle Woman 1944 (Movie)


Ladies of Washington 1944 (Movie)


The Pride of the Yankees 1941 (Movie)


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 (Movie)

Senate Minority Leader (Actor)

Road to Singapore 1939 (Movie)

Morgan Wycott (Actor)

The Bank Dick 1939 (Movie)

Mr Skinner (Actor)

Geronimo 1938 (Movie)

Colonel White (Actor)

The Great Victor Herbert 1938 (Movie)

Albert Martin (Actor)

Girls' School 1937 (Movie)


The Lady Objects 1937 (Movie)


Tip-Off Girls 1937 (Movie)

George Murkil (Actor)

Stage Door 1936 (Movie)

Richard Carmichael (Actor)

Swing Time 1936 (Movie)


Bunker Bean 1935 (Movie)

Mr. Barnes (Actor)

Dangerous 1934 (Movie)

George Sheffield (Actor)