Pitbull Is Suing Lindsay Lohan For Suing Him

Back in August, Lindsay Lohan sued Pitbull for mentioning her name in his hit song, Give Me Everything, and suggesting that she spends a lot of time in jail. At the time, the rapper explained that the lyric, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan,” wasn’t intended to be about serving time in prison at all. In fact, he claimed that the slang term was supposed to be a positive message about how Lindsay runs her particular corner of the neighborhood. But Pitbull must have heard about LiLo’s recent jail stint and realized she actually does spend a significant amount of time behind bars because he’s filed a countersuit against Lindsay, claiming the starlet was ineligible to file the original suit because her multiple prison sentences support the lyric. The lawsuit also says that she couldn’t have filed papers in New York, since she is demonstrably a resident of California (you know, since she spends a lot of time in its jails).

I know that filing a lawsuit against someone is like the go-to thing to do in Hollywood, but Pitbull actually has a point. Even if the lyric was intended to make a (hilarious) jab at Lindsay’s expense, it’s not like it isn’t true — she does spend an awful lot of time trying to keep herself out of the clink, and we have five mugshots to prove it. I’m surprised she was really even that upset about the song in the first place. Did she really need another excuse to end up back in court or is she just that unaware of her own incarceration history? Either way, it’s nice to see that she’ll be putting her Playboy paycheck to good use.

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Source: NY Mag