Pitt and Jolie irritated by Oscars ‘nostril camera’

The Hollywood pair sat in the front row at the 2009 event, as they both gained nominations for their film work.

But Pitt wasn’t impressed when organisers warned them they were going to be watched throughout the ceremony by a hidden camera on the floor – especially as the actor’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston was due to take the stage to present one of the prizes.

Academy Awards scriptwriter Bruce Vilanch tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, “I went to Brad and Angelina, who were sitting in the front row, and warned them they had the nostril cam planted on the floor underneath them, looking up. Mostly, they were not delighted about the angle, because nobody looks great from there.

“They knew there would be reaction shots of them, and they knew Aniston was going to be on. They were more bothered about the nostril cam. Brad asked, ‘Any chance we could kick it and break it?’

“If everybody at the Oscars was worried about some ex appearing onstage, there would be nobody in the audience.”