Piven rehearses Entourage role with his mother

Piven rehearses Entourage role with his mother

Piven’s parents, Byrne and Joyce, are both actors-turned-drama teachers and the TV star admits he’s still reaping the benefits of having such a supportive family background.

And the 44 year old is grateful to have his mum on hand to give advice whenever he needs a helping hand with his role as ruthless sports agent Ari Gold – because she isn’t offended by his character’s foul mouth.

He tells New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, “(Mum) gives it to me straight. When we began Entourage, I took her to an advance screening. My character swears a lot. Says terrible things. Another parent would be taken aback. She breaks through it all and just sees the character. She just sees the work.

“And she’s the greatest to run lines with. She’s so good, I get spoiled.”