Polanski’s lawyers slam ‘unfair’ extradition process

The Rosemary’s Baby moviemaker has been confined to his chalet in Switzerland since December (09) following his September (09) arrest in Zurich – more than 30 years after he fled America and skipped sentencing on a charge of unlawful sex with a minor.

He is currently fighting extradition back to the United States, where prosecutors plan to hand him his punishment.

Polanski’s attorneys recently requested that testimony from the case’s original prosecutor, retired Deputy District Attorney Roger Gunson, be unsealed and handed over to Swiss authorities to help them decide whether the director should be sent back to the U.S.

The request was denied by a judge and Polanski’s lawyers, Douglas Dalton, Brad Dalton and Chad Hummel, are fuming over the decision – they have released a statement calling the process unfair and insisting the extradition will not be legal unless Swiss officials know all the facts.

The statement reads, “Roman Polanski is determined to assure that the United States’ extradition request submitted to the Swiss Government is based on a complete and truthful statement of the facts of his case. Presently, it is not… (The) extradition is not legally justified. If, after a fair hearing in Switzerland at which the entire record of this case is truthfully presented, the Swiss determine that extradition is justified, Mr. Polanski will of course comply with a lawful extradition order and return to California to… be finally sentenced under the law. Such a lawful order should be based on the entire record of the California proceedings, not the misleading and incomplete record provided to date.

“We stand fully prepared immediately to discuss this issue with representatives of the Swiss or U.S. governments and to present all the evidence.”