Polanski wins photo battle with French newspaper

Polanski challenged four publications after the images leaked, showing his wife Emmanuelle Seigner standing at the window of his Gstaad chalet and his 11-year-old son playing in the garden.

The first ruling on Friday (15Jan10) ordered Le Parisien to pay Polanski $4,800 (GBP3,000) – considerably less than the $64,000 (GBP40,000) the director sought – after a court determined the newspaper failed to justify printing the images without the permission of those depicted.

A decision on the other three cases is expected next week (begs18Jan10).

Polanski is now on house arrest following his arrest on a 32-year-old sex case. Next week (22Jan10), he is due to discover if he can be sentenced in the U.S. in his absence.