Pop (Culture) a Squat: 11 Chairs Clint Eastwood Could Talk To

ALTWho knew that the biggest star to come out of the Republican National Convention would be a simple chair? After Clint Eastwood spent 10 minutes sparring with an empty seat — which Barack Obama later confirmed was taken — the media and voting public spent hours obsessing over the chair(man) of the RNC’s house. Soon, it will be fending off agents’ calls, will score a cameo in Adam Sandler’s next movie, and inevitably start fighting with Kanye West on its own Twitter account. So, in celebration of Clint’s chair’s newfound fame, we took a look back at some of the most notable chairs in movies and on TV. So pop (culture) a squat, and click through our gallery of entertainment’s best chairs! (Slightly NSFW, believe it or not.)

[Image Credit: Paramount Television]