Pop Culture High School Crushes: We Confess!

ALTThe thought of going back to school over Labor Day weekend could fill just anyone with memories of crippling dread and anxiety. Teachers, riding the bus, and the homework, oh the Humanities homework! Of course while there’s nothing sadder than bidding a summer of fun adieu, there was always one shining beacon to make you look forward to the new year: your crush. 

The person you’d time your locker visits around; the one whose name you doodled on your notebook; the one the one you watched from afar. Or really afar if your crush was in a movie or on TRL. While we’ll always have a place in our hearts for our real-life high school crushes, we here at Hollywood.com have decided it’s time to confess our high school pop culture crushes. From boy band heartthrob Nick Lachey to Disney star Christy Carlson Romano, it’s time they know, once and for all, our true feelings. No matter how embarrassing they may be.
Aly Semigran: Mine is an obvious one, but I had a deep, unwavering love for Jake Ryan. And Michael Schoeffling, for that matter. (He lived in Pennsylvania, I lived in Pennsylvania. We could have made it work!) Maybe was because the Sixteen Candles character was the embodiment of every popular, dreamy, unattainable guy in high school, but I mostly just chalk it up to the fact that he was just so damn adorable. The plaid shirts! The flipped-up hair! That smile!
Brian Moylan: I always had the hots of Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering) on 90210: Original Recipe. Yes, he was the worst character of the whole Bev High crowd, but there was something about his curly hair and smile that just hit me right in the heart. Oh Steve. I’d make out with you in your trash sports car any day. 
Kelsea Stahler: Anakin Skywalker, Hayden Christensen edition. Actually.
Shaunna Murphy: I’m like 90 percent sure that I bought Pearl Harbor because Josh Hartnett was in it. I fully knew that it was a terrible movie, I was just really into broody stoner types with questionable talent.
Matt Patches: Disney’s Even Stevens was a bit after my time, but thanks to my younger sister’s dedication to the chaste network, I successfully developed a crush on the beautifully dorky Christy Carlson Romano. I’m not actually sure she even played a dorky character on the show. I just know she had braces and I did too. Love.
Anna Brand: I crushed Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) HARD. Even when he frosted his tips. Even when he wore brown vests over patterned polo t-shirts. Even when he tried to fancify button-downs from the local surf shop. It didn’t matter, because I was Joey and we were going to be happy together living on the wrong side of the creek. I have no shame in admitting this.
Kate Ward: If it’s shameful to crush on 98 Degrees-era Nick Lachey, then I don’t wanna be shameless. I’d take his wife beaters, spiky coif, and lovely
pipes over Justin Timberlake‘s tight-fitting turtlenecks, ramen hair, and whiney croon any day. Stay out of it, ‘NSYC fans.
Leanne Aguilera: Dean (Jared Padalecki) from Gilmore Girls. I just can’t…. he’s just… so many feelings. When he came to the school and Rory yelled “Because I love you, you idiot” and they kissed I was always alt least 27 kinds of jealous
Abbey Stone: Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. When he sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” to Julia Stiles on the bleachers, forget about it.
Okay readers, it’s your turn to ‘fess up. Who was your pop culture crush in high school? Whisper it to us in the comments section. 
[Photo credit: Universal Pictures]