Post-Autopsy, Jackson’s Cause of Death Still Unknown

The cause of Michael Jackson‘s death has been deferred, according to L.A. Coroner Spokesperson Craig Harvey, after completion of a three-hour long autopsy on the King of Pop.

Additional testing has been ordered, including toxicology, neural pathology and pulmonary tests, and an official cause of death will not be determined for another four to six weeks.

Harvey anticipates that at the completion of the toxicology investigation, they’ll be able to close the case with a definitive cause of death.

He confirmed that there was no indication of foul play. And Jackson’s body is ready for release, and his family may now begin funeral arrangements.

But what’s odd is: Jackson’s personal doctor was at the house when Jackson went into cardiac arrest — it’s confirmed in the released 911 call from yesterday — but the doctor was not present at the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center when Jackson was pronounced dead, according to Harvey.

He continued that when a doctor isn’t present to sign a death certificate, the coroner steps in, and thus, why he and his L.A. Coroner’s team has played such a vital role in this investigation.

So the question that everyone is asking is: Where is Michael Jackson’s doctor? Apparently, he’s gone missing, and a lot of people want a word with him — like the LAPD.

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