Posters We Forgot We Had On Our Bedroom Walls


Looking back, there were so many terribly awkward things about our teen and pre-teen years — glasses, braces, acne, the way we dressed, the things we liked, everything we ever said, felt, or did — that we rarely take the time to remember the “artwork” that graced our bedroom walls. But do you remember how important it was? Do you remember saving your measly allowance so you could poster-hunt at the mall, taking the time to sort through the collections at Tower Records or Sam Goody? Do you remember knowing that the wrong choice would out you as a total dweeb? Of course you do! Us gals also recall the many precious gifts torn from the pages of Bop and Tiger Beat — because what would our bedrooms be without their plentiful pics of a ramen-haired Justin Timberlake? Nothing, that’s what. Nothing.

Well, the staff of started talking, and those of us brave enough to expose our inherent nerd-ery took a look back at our childhood years to drum up our ghosts of posters past. Take a look at what we (and Google) found below, and remember — is a no-judgement-zone.

Posters We Forgot We Had On Our Bedroom Walls


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