Prince Harry Makes His Music Video Debut: Prince or Popstar?

prince harryGloria Estefan had it right when she said The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You because it now seems to have reached even members of the royal family. Prince Harry makes his musical debut (well, sort of) as part of a music video created to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and her on-going commitment to the Commonwealth.

Throughout the clip, the red-haired prince is seen playfully tapping on a tambourine and sort of dancing to the beat. The new anthem, titled “Sing,” was created by singer Gary Barlow and Phantom of the Opera composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

As for how Prince Harry managed to make his way into the video, Barlow claims he happened to run into the 27-year-old during a visit to Jamaica last March. “We turned up and I asked him would he play on the record and he said, ‘I don’t sing,'” Barlow told the U.K. Press Association. “But I said, ‘No, no – I don’t want you to sing, I want you to play the tambourine.’ And so he said, ‘It’ll cost you.’ Then we met him later on that night and he did the tambourine hit and we spun it into the track. He probably hasn’t got a clue what he’s part of just yet.”

The official song will be released on May 28, but for now, enjoy watching Prince Harry get in touch with his artistic side.His


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