Prince William & Kate Middleton’s First Anniversary: 5 Ways They Should Celebrate

prince william, kate middletonIt’s been exactly a year since Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot in what was arguably the most talked-about wedding of the year (possibly even the decade, unless Brad and Angie upstage them.) From Kate’s stunning dress to Pippa Middleton’s instantly famous derriere, this day was all anyone could talk about. So here we are, one year later and the two of them still seem to be in newlywed bliss. But how does one go about celebrating such a monumental occasion? When you’re a Duke and Duchess it would seem like the sky’s the limit, but we have a few suggestions about how America’s favorite royal couple should go about celebrating. Take notes, royals!

Recreate the Honeymoon

Nothing brings a couple closer together than reliving their honeymoon. Prince William should book another trip to the tropical paradise known as Seychelles Islands and enjoy some relaxation time with his beautiful bride. Fruity drinks and sun-bathing is the key to any successful marriage. Amiright, ladies?

Plan a Romantic Picnic

The couple always love walking their black cocker spaniel, Lupo, so why not make a day of it? If Prince William were to plan a surprise picnic for Middleton to discover during one of their dog walks, I’m sure she’d be one happy wife. Even the smallest thoughtful gesture can go a long way. Are you reading this, guys? Guys?

Go To a Broadway Show

Prince William first met Middleton at a charity fashion show in the spring of 2002. And while they probably go to enough charity events and social functions to last a lifetime, there is one kind of show that never manages to get old: the Broadway show. A nice dinner out and a trip to the Great White Way would be just the ticket to ensure another year of wedded bliss. (If South Park taught us anything, it’s that fellas love taking their ladies to a Broadway show.)

Hit the Slopes

It’s a little too warm to go skiing, but since Prince William proposed to his bride next to a remote lake on the slopes of Mount Kenya, it would be incredibly romantic to take her back there and share some rare alone time together. If it’s warm enough they could even go for a quick dip and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Plus, you need a helicopter to get there, which would certainly provide a breath-taking view far away from the paparazzi’s reach. Also: Can I come?

When All Else Fails, There’s Always Jewelry

Let’s face it, ladies — guys have it pretty easy when it comes to the dilemma of gift-giving. Just put something sparkly in a little black box and you’re good to go. And since the Duke of Cambridge has quite a bit of money at his disposal (an understatement if there ever was one), I’m sure he’d be able to deliver a beautiful piece of jewelry. After all — royalty or not — diamonds are a girls best friend.

What do you think William and Kate should do to celebrate? Sound off in the comments below!


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