Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton are Married

kate middletonPrice William of Wales and Catherine Middleton were married this morning at approximately 6 AM Eastern Standard Time, at Westminster Abbey. Present for the ceremony from William’s family was Queen Elizabeth II, William’s father Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, and William’s brother Harry. In attendance from Catherine’s family was her mother Carole, her father Michael, her sister Pippa, and her brother James. Various celebrities were also present, like Sir Elton John, Rowan Atkinson, David and Victoria Beckham, and Guy Ritchie. Hundreds of members of government and parliament were also there, as were 80 people from Prince William’s charities, more than 40 members of foreign royal families, 30 members of defense services.

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Kate did not arrive at Buckingham Palace in a horse-drawn carriage. Instead, she was transported to the ceremony in a Rolls Royce. She wore a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown, that was hand-made from French Chantilly lace and English Cluny lace. She carried a bouquet of gardenias, lily of the valley delphiniums, roses and a sprig of myrtle, and her hair was styled down. She was also wearing Cartier’s “Halo” tiara that the Queen loaned to her. Her father walked her down the aisle while “I Was Glad” by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (which was composed for the coronation of William’s great-great-great grandfather Edward VII in 1902) was sung by the Chapel Royal Choir. Once she reached the altar, various hymns were sung and the couple recited traditional vows. Then, Prince William put a ring on Kate’s finger that (made out of Welsh gold that the Queen gave to William after the couple got engaged). They were pronounced husband and wife in front of 1,900 people and then went to the side of the altar to sing more hymns.

Even though reports indicated that Prince William and Kate planned on spending the night before their wedding together, they opted to be traditional and spend it separately. Kate stayed with her family at the five star Goring Hotel in Belgravia, while Prince William stayed at Clarence House. In terms of what Kate will be called now that she’s married into the royal family, experts do not expect her to be called Princess Kate because she was not born into the royal family. Last night, it was revealed that the Queen gave both Prince William and Kate new titles: Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate can additionally be called HRH Princess William of Wales, or HRH Catherine of Wales. But if — when the Queen dies and Prince Charles becomes King — Prince William is made the Prince of Wales, then Kate can officially be called HRH Catherine, Princess of Wales (which was William’s mother Diana’s title).

For the ceremony, Prince William and Kate chose London florist Shane Connolly with decorating Westminster Abbey with extravagant floral arrangements. The center aisle was adorned with trees: six English Field Maples and two Hornbeams (some of which reached as tall as 20 feet) that came straight from the royal estates and were provided by Queen Elizabeth herself. The flowers, which were azaleas, lilacs, rhododendron and wisteria, came from Windsor Great Park and were arranged by Kate’s family florist, Emma Sampson.

Of the 1900 people at the ceremony, 650 of them were invited to the Queen’s lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace, and approximately 300 of those 650 were invited to a dinner at Buckingham Palace hosted by Prince Charles. Leicestershire-based pastry chef, Fiona Cairns, was selected to provide Prince William and Kate with a wedding cake, which will be a multi-tier fruit cake. The tiers will be encrusted with leaves and flowers like English Roses, Welsh daffodils and Irish shamrocks. Each layer will be coated in brandy-mixed icing.

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