12 Reasons That Prove Madonna’s Still Got It

Madonna is ageless. We know this. But apparently not everyone does. Claims surfaced recently that BBC Radio 1 had banned Madonna’s new single because they deemed the 56-year-old pop icon “not cool enough” for their young-skewing audience. The station denied these claims, but didn’t exactly agree to start playing “Living for Love” either. The ensuing uproar from Madonna fans – both young and old – proved just how relevant this fierce female still is. Ageism be damned! Here are some of our own reasons that prove she’s still got it.

1. Her 2015 Grammy performance.


She dressed as a sexy matador and tore up the stage with her dance moves while singing live. This generation can barely walk and talk on their cell phones at the same time.

2. Her fashion choices.


No, she will not dress conservatively, thankyouverymuch. She’ll flash her butt for the cameras at any time – and at any age – she wants.

3. She’s ridiculously in shape.


And more limber than we’ll ever be.

4. She premiered her latest video on Snapchat.


And she was the first person to do that – ever.

5. She uses social media.


And she uses it well. Her Instagram is all sexy selfies and throwbacks.

6. Young people still love her.


Just look at comments on any of her social media accounts.

7. She collaborates with some of the hottest stars out there.


We know she did songs with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, and on her latest upcoming album she has song featuring Nicki Minaj.

8. Her isolated vocals are still on point.


A lot of iconic singers start losing their voice at some point (Mariah, we’re looking at you), but Madonna still sounds as good as ever.

9. She still speaks her mind.


The years haven’t dulled her sharp tongue. Madonna still takes her critics to task. Most recently she defended her use of the word “b*tch” in her songs.

10. She has a sense humor.


Remember the whole Lady Gaga thing?

11. Drake just wrote a song about her.


For the record, Madonna’s heard the song and loves it.

12. SHE knows she’s still got it.


And that’s all that matters.

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