Psy Debuts ‘Gangnam Style’ Follow-Up, ‘Gentleman’: Will He Strike Gold Twice?

Credit: Jason DeCrow/Invision/AP Images

Brace yourselves: Psy is back with another funky KorEnglish dance tune. That’s right, nearly nine months after the South Korean musician released his unavoidable Top 40 hit “Gangnam Style,” the pop star has debuted his new single called “Gentleman.”

Psy’s new single has a lot of the same electronic dance beats that “Gangnam Style” (which has over 1.5 million hits on YouTube to date) had and it also has a solid club-like feel. (If it ain’t broke…)

Will “Gentleman” be as big of a hit as “Gangname Style?” Well, the song doesn’t premiere on YouTube until Saturday and the main hook — “I’m a mother father gentleman” — is a bit confusing and not quite as catchy as “Hey, sexy lady!” But, given the way people were obsessed with “Gangnam Style” and this new single’s similar sound, the odds seem promising in his favor that Psy will likely strike gold again.

Listen to “Gentleman” below.

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