Psy Challenges Beyonce In a Leotard-Wearing Competition

After the monumental and inexplicable rise to fame, South Korean pop singer Psy — thanks to his dance craze-inducing monstrosity “Gagnam Style” — has now gotten too big for his britches. Literally. See Exhibit A, below. 

Credit: Lee Young Ho/Sipa USA/AP Images

During a live performance of his new single “Gentleman” in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday, Psy donned a red body suit that would make Richard Simmons proud. Eh, on second thought, even the aerobics master himself wouldn’t don shorts so short. But you know who would? Examine Exhibit B, below:

Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

That’s right, Leotard Queen Beyoncé wore a garment that strikingly resembles Psy’s red and flesh-toned onesie (only Bey’s was sparklier) at a concert in Atlantic City in May 2012. 

Here’s your side-by-side for further comparison:

Credit: Lee Young Ho/Sipa USA/AP Images; Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Who wore it best? Depends entirely on how you feel about upper thigh hair. 

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