Giacomo Antonio Puccini

Puccini worked in a variety of genres and built up a diverse and reputable career. Puccini worked on a variety of projects during his early entertainment career, including "Ecce Bombo" with Nanni Moretti (1978) ... Read more »


Music (177)

Now You See Me 2 2016 (Movie)

("O Mio Babbino Caro - Gianni Schicchi") (Song)

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation 2015 (Movie)

("Popolo Di Pechino") (Song)

The Immigrant 2014 (Movie)

("La Rondine - Act III") (Song)

Colombiana 2011 (Movie)

("Mrs Butterfly - Un Bel Di Vedremo") (Song)

Hereafter 2010 (Movie)

("Nessun Dorma") (Song)

The American 2010 (Movie)

("Un Bel Dì Vedremo") (Song)

Two Lovers 2009 (Movie)

("Sola Perduta Abbandonata: Manon Lescaut") (Song)

Bottle Shock 2008 (Movie)

("Un Bel di Verdremo") (Song)

Dark Matter 2008 (Movie)

("Tosca, Act III, "E Lucevan le stelle") (Song)

Hamlet 2 2008 (Movie)

("Nessun Dorma - Turandot") (Song)

La Boheme 2008 (Movie)


Milk 2008 (Movie)

("Presto, Su! Mario! Mario!") (Song)

Nobel Son 2008 (Movie)

("O Mio Babbino Caro") (Song)

Quantum of Solace 2008 (Movie)

("Tosca") (Song)

Atonement 2007 (Movie)

("O soave fanciulla, o dolce viso" from "La Bohème") (Song)

Fierce People 2007 (Movie)

("Un Bel Di Vedremo" from Madama Butterfly) (Music)

Ira & Abby 2007 (Movie)

("Overture from "Tosca"") (Song)

Love in the Time of Cholera 2007 (Movie)

("O Soave Fanciulla - La Boheme") (Song)

Mr. Bean's Holiday 2007 (Movie)

("O Mio Babbino Caro") (Song)

No Reservations 2007 (Movie)

("Nessun Dorma" from "Turandot") (Music Producer)

Redacted 2007 (Movie)

("Tosca, Act III, E Lucevan Le Stelle") (Song)

A Good Woman 2006 (Movie)

("Un Bel Di Vedremo" from Madame Butterfly) (Song)

Factory Girl 2006 (Movie)

("Un Bel Di Vedremo" (From "Madama Butterfly")) (Song)

Let's Go To Prison 2006 (Movie)

("Nessun Dorma") (Song)

Rocky Balboa 2006 (Movie)

("O Mio Babbino Caro" from Gianni Schicchi") (Music)

David Hockney: The Colors of Music 2005 (Movie)


Schultze Gets the Blues 2005 (Movie)

("Arie des Cavaradossi") (Song)

Chasing Liberty 2004 (Movie)

("Nessun Dorma") (Composer)

The Sea Inside 2004 (Movie)

("Turandot (Nessun Dorma)") (Song)

Bend It Like Beckham 2003 (Movie)

("Nessun Dorma") (Music)

The Life of David Gale 2003 (Movie)

("Turandot - Tu Che Di Gel Sei Cinta") (Song)

Under the Tuscan Sun 2003 (Movie)

("Humming Chorus") (Music)

40 Days and 40 Nights 2002 (Movie)

("Recondita Armonia (from 'Tosca')") (Music)

Death to Smoochy 2002 (Movie)

("Madame Butterfly" "Tosca Vissi D'Arte") (Music)

Music Heals 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


The Kid Stays in the Picture 2002 (Movie)

("Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore (from 'Tosca')") (Music)

Tosca 2002 (Movie)


Very Annie Mary 2002 (Movie)

songs("Nessun Dorma" "Happy Birthday" "I Heard You Calling Me" "Come Back to Sorrento" "Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside" "Bohemian Rhapsody" "Dance Club" "We'll Keep a Welcome" "O mio babbino caro") (Song)

Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001 (Movie)

("O'mio Babbino Caro") (Song)

Pavilion of Women 2001 (Movie)

("Un Bel Di Vedremo" (from 'Madame Butterfly')) (Music)

Recess: School's Out 2001 (Movie)

("Nessun Dorma") (Music)

The Man Who Cried 2001 (Movie)

("E Lucevan Stelle (from 'Tosca')") (Music)

Three Mo' Tenors in Concert 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)


New York City Opera -- Puccini's Tosca 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)


The Crew 2000 (Movie)

("Che Gelida Manina") (Music)

All the Little Animals 1999 (Movie)

("Madame Butterfly") (Music)

Andre Rieu: Romantic Moments 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


Anywhere But Here 1999 (Movie)

("L'ho Abbandonato") (Song)

Love ETC. 1999 (Movie)

("Turandot") (Music)

Mystery Men 1999 (Movie)

("O Mio Babbino Caro") (Music)

Pushing Tin 1999 (Movie)

("Che Gelida Manina (from 'La Boheme')") (Song)

Robert Wells, Swedish King of the Keyboard 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


Sarah Brightman: One Night in Eden 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


Stiff Upper Lips 1999 (Movie)

("Tosca" "O Mio Bambino Caro") (Music)

The Love Letter 1999 (Movie)

("Si Mi Chiamano Mimi (from 'La Boheme')" "Recondita Armonia" Presto Su Mario Mario (from 'Tosca')") (Music)

The Turandot Project 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


Tosca: A Tale of Love and Torture 1999 (Movie)


Turandot at the Forbidden City 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries 1998 (Movie)

("O Mio Babbino Caro (from 'Gianni Schicchi')") (Music)

Babe 2: Pig in the City 1998 (Movie)

("Madame Butterfly") (Music)

Deep Impact 1998 (Movie)

("La Boheme") (Music)

San Francisco Opera Gala Celebration 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)


Wounded 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)


G.I. Jane 1997 (Movie)

music composer("O Mio Babbino Caro (from 'Gianni Schicchi')") (Composer)

Great Moments in Opera 1996 - 1997 (TV Show)


Mad City 1997 (Movie)

("Musetta's Waltz (from 'La Boheme')") (Music)

New York City Opera: Puccini's "La Boheme" 1996 - 1997 (TV Show)


Speed 2: Cruise Control 1997 (Movie)

("O Mio Babbino Caro (from 'Gianni Schicchi')") (Music)

The Swindle 1997 (Movie)

("La Tosca") (Music)

The Three Sopranos 1996 - 1997 (TV Show)


Madama Butterfly 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)


One Fine Day 1996 (Movie)

("Un Bel Di, Vedremo" (from opera "Madame Butterfly")) (Song)

The Mirror Has Two Faces 1996 (Movie)

music composer("In Questa Reggia (from 'The Opera Turando')" "Nessun Dorma (from 'The Opera Turando')") (Composer)

Tibor Rudas Presents Pavarotti on Miami Beach 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)


A Salute to Slava 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


Il Tabarro and Pagliacci 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


Opera Favorites With Domingo and Te Kanawa 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


La Boheme 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Natural Born Killers 1994 (Movie)

("Madame Butterfly") (Song)

Pavarotti in Paris 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Pavarotti: My Heart's Delight 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


The Richard Tucker Opera Gala (1993) 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Turandot From the San Francisco Opera 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)


Boxing Helena 1993 (Movie)

music composer("O Mio Babbino Caro" "La Boheme" from Quando Men VO "Nessun Dorma") (Composer)

Breakfast of Aliens 1993 (Movie)

music from("Madame Butterfly" - "Un Bel Di") (Music)

Great Performances' 20th Anniversary Special 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


M. Butterfly 1993 (Movie)

("Un Bel Di" "Coro a Bocca Chiusa (The Humming Chorus)" from Madama Butterfly) (Music)

Pavarotti and The Italian Tenor 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Placido Domingo: The Concert For Planet Earth 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


The Man Without A Face 1993 (Movie)

("Ch'Ella Mi Creda") (Song)

The Pickle 1993 (Movie)

("Che Gelida Manina" from "La Boheme") (Song)

Tosca From Rome 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Jennifer Eight 1992 (Movie)

("Humming Chorus" from Madama Butterfly) (Song)

Pavarotti Plus! 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)


The Metropolitan Opera Silver Anniversary 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)


Wind 1992 (Movie)

("Madame Butterfly") (Music)

Merci, la vie 1991 (Movie)


Mystery Date 1991 (Movie)

("Mussette's Waltz") (Music)

Pavarotti in the Park 1990 - 1991 (TV Show)


The 1990 Miss America Pageant 1990 - 1991 (TV Show)


The 1991 Richard Tucker Gala 1990 - 1991 (TV Show)


Cadillac Man 1990 (Movie)

music extract("Madame Butterfly") (Music)

Everybody Wins 1990 (Movie)

(("One Fine Day" from opera "Madame Butterfly")) (Song)

Great Moments From the Met 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


La Boheme 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Pavarotti Plus! 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


The 1990 Richard Tucker Gala 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


The House I Live In 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


The Music Center 25th Anniversary 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


January Man 1989 (Movie)

("Madame Buterfly") (Music)

La Boheme 1989 (Movie)


Madama Butterfly 1988 - 1989 (TV Show)


Maggio Musicale 1989 (Movie)


New York Stories 1989 (Movie)

music "Nessun Dorma" from opera "Turandot"(("Life Lessons")) (Music)

Pavarotti Plus!... Plus!! 1988 - 1989 (TV Show)


The New York Philharmonic New Year's Eve Gala 1988 - 1989 (TV Show)


The Richard Tucker Opera Gala 1988 - 1989 (TV Show)


Weekend at Bernie's 1989 (Movie)

("Vissi d'Arte, Vissi d'Amore") (Music)

Aria 1988 (Movie)

("Turandot") (Music)

Captive 1987 (Movie)

("Madame Butterfly" "Tosca") (Music)

Castaway 1987 (Movie)

music extract("Nessun Dorma" from "Turandot") (Music)

China Girl 1987 (Movie)

music extract("Nessun dorma" from "Turandot") (Music)

Evening at Pops (08/01/87) 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


Fatal Attraction 1987 (Movie)

music extract("Madame Butterfly") (Music)

Opera 1987 (Movie)


Sarah 1987 (Movie)


The Big Easy 1987 (Movie)

("Manon Lescaut") (Music)

The Witches of Eastwick 1987 (Movie)

music "Nessun Dorma"(("Turandot")) (Music)

A Room With A View 1986 (Movie)

("O mio bambino caro" from "Gianni Schicchi" "Chi il bel sogno di doretta" from "La Rondine") (Music)

Gala of Stars 1986 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)


Hannah and Her Sisters 1986 (Movie)

("Manon Lescaut" "Madame Butterfly") (Music)

Mona Lisa 1986 (Movie)

("Bimba dagli Occhi (Love Duet)" from "Madame Butterfly") (Music)

Pavarotti Plus! 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)


Vagabond 1986 (Movie)

("Sur la mer toujours recommencee calmee") (Music)

Big Trouble 1985 (Movie)

("La Boheme") (Music)

Demoner 1985 (Movie)


Il Bacio di Tosca 1985 (Movie)


Tosca 1984 - 1985 (TV Show)


The Killing Fields 1984 (Movie)

music extract("Nessum dorma" from opera "Turandot") (Music)

Tva killar och en tjej 1983 (Movie)


Casta Diva 1982 (Movie)


Circle of Passions 1982 (Movie)


Fitzcarraldo 1982 (Movie)

music extract("La Boheme") (Music)

Il Trittico 1981 - 1982 (TV Show)


La Boheme 1981 - 1982 (TV Show)


Hopscotch 1980 (Movie)

music extract "Un bel di Vedremo"(("Madame Butterfly")) (Music)

Tosca 1978 - 1979 (TV Show)


Luciano Pavarotti Recital 1977 - 1978 (TV Show)


Picassos Aventyr 1978 (Movie)


Ecce Bombo 1977 (Movie)

("E Lucevan le Stelle" from "Tosca") (Music)

La Boheme 1976 - 1977 (TV Show)


Madama Butterfly 1976 - 1977 (TV Show)


Il Consigliori 1972 (Movie)

music extracts("La Tosca") (Music)

La Boheme 1965 (Movie)


House of Ricordi 1955 (Movie)

musical extracts (Music)

Manon Lescaut (TV Show)


Opera Favorites by Puccini (TV Show)


The Fear Inside (TV Show)


Turandot (TV Show)

Writer (1)

Tosca 2002 (Movie)

From Opera (Play as Source Material)
Other (3)

Tosca 2002 (Movie)

from opera("Tosca") (Other)

Madame Butterfly 1996 (Movie)

from opera (Other)

My Geisha 1961 (Movie)

selections from("Madame Butterfly") (Other)


Puccini worked in a variety of genres and built up a diverse and reputable career. Puccini worked on a variety of projects during his early entertainment career, including "Ecce Bombo" with Nanni Moretti (1978), "Fitzcarraldo" (1982), "Hopscotch" (1980) starring Walter Matthau, "Il Consigliori" with Tomas Milian (1973), "La Boheme" (1965) and "My Geisha" (1962). In the nineties, Puccini devoted his time to various credits, such as "Jennifer Eight" (1992) starring Andy Garcia, "Wind" with Matthew Modine (1992), "Breakfast of Aliens" (1993) starring Vic Dunlop and "The Pickle" (1993). Puccini continued to exercise his talent in later years, taking on a mix of projects like "Maggio Musicale," "Merci, la vie," "Opera" and "Picassos Aventyr." Puccini also provided music for "Tva killar och en tjej."