Rachel Kempson

A prolific stage actor in her native England, Kempson worked very occasionally in films over nearly half a century and, especially in her later years, did much TV work as well. She is perhaps best known, though, as Lady ... Read more »
Born: 05/28/1910 in Dartmouth, England, GB


Actor (22)

Deja Vu 1998 (Movie)

Skelly's Mother (Actor)

She's Been Away 1990 (Movie)

Matilda (Actor)

Stealing Heaven 1989 (Movie)

Prioress (Actor)

Camille 1984 - 1985 (TV Show)


Out of Africa 1985 (Movie)

Lady Belfield (Actor)

The Virgin Soldiers 1970 (Movie)

Mrs Raskin (Actor)

Two Gentlemen Sharing 1969 (Movie)

Mrs Ashby-Kydd (Actor)

The Charge of the Light Brigade 1968 (Movie)

Mrs Codrington (Actor)

Georgy Girl 1966 (Movie)

Ellen (Actor)

Grand Prix 1966 (Movie)

Mrs Stoddard (Actor)

The Jokers 1966 (Movie)

Mrs Tremayne (Actor)

The Curse of the Fly 1965 (Movie)

Madame Fournier (Actor)

The Third Secret 1963 (Movie)

Mildred Hoving (Actor)

Tom Jones 1963 (Movie)

Bridget Allworthy (Actor)

The Sea Shall Not Have Them 1955 (Movie)

Mrs Waltby (Actor)

Elizabeth R (TV Show)


Jane Eyre (TV Show)


Little Lord Fauntleroy (TV Show)


The Black Tower (TV Show)


The Captive Heart (Movie)

Celia Mitchell (Actor)

Uncle Vanya (TV Show)



A prolific stage actor in her native England, Kempson worked very occasionally in films over nearly half a century and, especially in her later years, did much TV work as well. She is perhaps best known, though, as Lady Redgrave, matriarch of the prominent acting dynasty. Married to the gifted stage and screen star Michael Redgrave from 1935 until his death in 1985, Kempson mothered the similarly talented Vanessa, Lynn and Corin Redgrave and is also the grandmother of actors Natasha and Joely Richardson and Jemma Redgrave. Lynn and particularly Vanessa look strongly like her but, to give credit where it is due, Kempson has been more than a figurehead. Particularly in her rich stage credits, she has enjoyed a very distinguished career.

Trained at RADA, Kempson debuted onstage in a 1933 production of "Much Ado About Nothing" in Stratford-on-Avon, and first graced the London stage that same year in "The Lady from Alfaqueque". Over the years she has performed in repertory at Liverpool and Oxford and with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theater Company at the Old Vic and the English Stage Company. Her Shakespeare credits cover much of the Bard's oeuvre and include "Romeo and Juliet" (as Juliet in 1933 and as Lady Capulet on tour in the USSR in 1958), "Twelfth Night" (as Olivia in 1934 and as Viola in 1935-37) and "King Lear" (as Regan, 1953). Slowing down only between 1937 and 1943 when she had her three children, Kempson also trod the boards in the title role of "Candida" (1949) and in productions of "Volpone" (1937), "Sparks Fly Upward" (1947), "The Happy Time" (1952), "Teresa of Avila" (1961), "Samson Agonistes" (1965) and "The Old Country" (1977). She worked regularly with her husband on the stage, and also toured over the years in plays ranging from "Blithe Spirit" (1942) to "Hedda Gabler" (1955).

Kempson made her film debut in a small role in the whimsical romantic comedy "Jeannie" (1941), starring Michael Redgrave and later worked with him in the moving WWII story "The Captive Heart" (1946) and played his wife in another war saga "The Sea Shall Not Have Them" (1954). Her first US film was the gripping melodrama "A Woman's Vengeance" (1948), though most of her subsequent film credits have been in UK productions. Usually in modest supporting roles as dignified, often titled, types, Kempson has credits spanning the gamut from "The Curse of the Fly" (1965) to "Tom Jones" (1963) and "The Charge of the Light Brigade" (1968); in both of the latter she got to act with several of her children and was directed by then son-in-law Tony Richardson. Kempson played nuns in "A Touch of Love" (1969) and "Stealing Heaven" (1988) and also stood up with Meryl Streep at her wedding in "Out of Africa" (1985). TV work has been in a similar vein, with such "Masterpiece Theater" miniseries as "Elizabeth R" (1972) and "The Jewel in the Crown" (1984-85) and in TV-movie period dramas including "Jane Eyre" (1971), "Little Lord Fauntleroy" (1980) and "Camille" (1984).


Eric William Edward Kempson


Beatrice Hamilton Kempson



married from July 18, 1935 until his death March 21, 1985 born in 1908

Vanessa Redgrave Actor

Born Jan. 30, 1937; father, Michael Redgrave Acted together in "Deja Vu" (1998)

Lynn Redgrave

born March 8, 1943

Corin Redgrave

born July 16, 1939 died in April 2010

Jemima Redgrave

father Corin Redgrave

Luke Redgrave

father Corin Redgrave

Joely Richardson

mother Vanessa Redgrave

Natasha Richardson

mother Vanessa Redgrave

Carlo Speranero

mother Vanessa Redgrave


St Agnes School

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

London , England



Returned to features playing the onscreen mother of daughter Vanessa in "Deja Vu"


Last feature film for nearly a decade, "She's Been Away" (released in the USA in 1991)


Returned to features to act a role in "Out of Africa"


First U.S. TV-movie, "Jane Eyre"


Last film appearances for 15 years, "Two Gentlemen Sharing" and "The Virgin Soldiers"; the latter marked third feature in which she appeared with daughter Lynn


Had featured role in "The Charge of the Light Brigade", directed by Richardson; son Corin and daughter Vanessa also acted in film


Appeared in "Georgy Girl", starring Lynn Redgrave


Acted in "Tom Jones", directed by then-son-in-law Tony Richardson; also featured in film was daughter Lynn


With husband, played married couple in "The Sea Shall Not Have Them"


First U.S. film, "A Woman's Vengeance"


Feature film debut, "Jeannie"; also featured husband Michael Redgrave


Made London stage debut as Blanca in "The Lady from Alfaqueque" at the Westminster Theater


Made stage debut as Hero in a production of "Much Ado About Nothing" at the Shakespeare Memorial Theater in Stratford-on-Avon