Rachel Stephens


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The Fiercest Heart 1961 (Movie)

Sarah (Actor)

One Foot in Hell 1960 (Movie)

Ellie Barrett (Actor)

Hound Dog Man 1958 (Movie)

Rachel Wilson (Actor)

Ten North Frederick 1958 (Movie)

Salesgirl (Actor)

The Best of Everything 1958 (Movie)

Girl In Typing Pool (Actor)

The Hunters 1958 (Movie)


Desk Set 1957 (Movie)

Receptionist (Actor)

Kiss Them For Me 1957 (Movie)

Wave (Actor)

Oh, Men! Oh, Women! 1957 (Movie)

Miss Tacher (Actor)

Bigger Than Life 1956 (Movie)

Nurse (Actor)

The True Story of Jesse James 1956 (Movie)

Anne (Actor)