Raj Mariathasan


Physical Effects (3)

Inkheart 2009 (Movie)

Animatronics Technician(Millennium FX Limited) (Animatronics)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004 (Movie)

Animatronic Mould Maker (Animatronics)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002 (Movie)

Animatronic Model Designer (Animatronics)
Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (2)

Star Trek Beyond 2016 (Movie)

Make-Up Effects Lab Technician (Makeup Effects)

Underworld: Awakening 2012 (Movie)

Creature FX Team Leader(MastersFx, Inc.) (Special Makeup Effects)
Art Department (1)

The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy 2005 (Movie)

Mould Maker(Jim Henson's Creature Shop) (Model Maker)
Visual Effects & Animation (1)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 2011 (Movie)

Mould Maker (Modelmaker)