Ralph Macchio: ‘I’m Sort of the Anti-E! True Hollywood Story’

Ralph MacchioOnce again, attention is turned to a former child celebrity. However, this one isn’t lambasting homosexuality on television.  He instead has remained the same gentleman that he was back in 1984, when he mastered housework and bully-defeating. Hollywood.com’s News Editor Lindsey DiMattina got a chance to speak to the great Ralph Macchio at the TV Land Awards on April 14 — and the former Karate Kid opened up about the difficult transition from child stardom into an adult career.

“I think, as a generalization, I’ve always joked that I’m sort of the Anti-E! True Hollywood Story,” Macchio told us. “If you have ever seen my Funny or Die video [referring to his self-parodying “Wax On, F*** Off” sketch], it’s all about that. It’s turning that on its edge on how you have to ‘bad-ass’ yourself to become relevant. So, to generalize child stars, it’s such a tough transition. It’s difficult for everyone, and very few can make that transition.”

Macchio, 50, isn’t the only former child celeb to have a Funny or Die sketch under his belt. A collection of actors from ’80s and ’90s sitcoms and films teamed with Funny or Die to create CCOKC: Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron, in response to Kirk Cameron’s homophobic rants on Piers Morgan Tonight and The Today Show.

Cameron maybe should have thought twice before speaking. “I respect anyone who speaks for their beliefs and what they are feeling, because we have the ability to do that,” Macchio explained. “[But] on the other hand, certain times you need a filter. I like to think that mine is pretty good. But sometimes, I’ve done my share of misspeaking and wished that I could take it back.”

On the topic of a Funny or Die follow-up, Macchio is willing, but the material has to be right. “I totally would — I talk to those guys all the time,” he said. “I don’t want to just do one. I think we struck the motherload so much with [“Wax On, F*** Off”]. So I want to make sure if we follow it up, its at least on par, or close to it.”

Would you like to see Macchio do another Funny or Die video?


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