Randall Montgomery


Sound (12)

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 (Movie)

ADR Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

Escape Plan 2013 (Movie)

Voice(The Loop Squad) (Sound)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011 (Movie)

ADR Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

Marmaduke 2010 (Movie)

Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

The Proposal 2009 (Movie)

Loop Group (Looping Coordinator)

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008 (Movie)

Voice Cast (ADR Voice Casting)

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas 2003 (Movie)

ADR Group (ADR)

The Cooler 2003 (Movie)

Loop Group (Post-Production Sound)

Tracey Takes On... 1995 - 1999 (TV Show)

ADR Voice Casting

Mr. Nice Guy 1998 (Movie)

(ADR Voice Casting)

The Prince of Egypt 1998 (Movie)

ADR group (ADR)

Mortal Kombat 1995 (Movie)

ADR Artist (ADR)
Actor (7)

Marmaduke 2010 (Movie)

Sweater Dog (Voice)

Eragon 2006 (Movie)


Racing Stripes 2005 (Movie)

Additional Voice (Voice)

The Family Stone 2005 (Movie)


First Strike 1997 (Movie)

Australian voice cast (Voice)

The Wayans Bros. 1995 - 1996 (Tv Show)


Greedy 1994 (Movie)