BuzzWatch Video: 17 Random Facts You Never Needed to Learn But Will Be Very Glad You Did

Quick — what is a group of flamingos called? What is the only surface an octopus cannot climb? What is Barbie’s full name?

Don’t know, do ya? Yes, far too many Americans are grossly uninformed when it comes to matters of extreme unimportance. A travesty, we know. Luckily, BuzzFeed has provided us with an opportunity to stock up on useless knowledge: the above video teaches us 17 random facts about everything from animals to the English language to the shocking limits of the human body (you can’t hum and hold your breath at once? I knew about the sneezing-with-your-eyes-open thing, but now I feel like we’ve been biologically short changed).

Check out the above video and impress your friends (or, more appropriately, shoot vicious envy into the hearts of your enemies) with newly apprehended information on what an elephant uses its skin folds for, or why you shouldn’t eat polar bear liver. 

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