Randy Travis Strikes 3: Charged with Simple Assault

Randy TravisThree strikes and you’re out? Randy Travis, the 53-year-old country singer who was arrested earlier this month after being found nude on a highway, had yet another run-in with the law on Thursday night.

The Plano, Texas police department tells Hollywood.com that the country singer was cited with simple assault Thursday night. “He has not been arrested, he has been given a citation, which is just a notice to appear,” the Public Information Officer for Plano says. 

Authorities told People.com that police received got a call “about a personal family issue occurring between an estranged husband and wife. The wife was reportedly the girlfriend of Randy Travis. Randy intervened and reportedly an assault took place between Randy and husband.”

Unlike his past two brushes with the law this year, Travis reportedly wasn’t believed to be intoxicated during the incident Thursday. On Aug. 7, he was picked up by cops after someone reported a naked man lying in the road. When cops arrived at the scene, they noted that he smelled of booze — but Travis refused to take an alcohol blood or breath test. He was arrested on suspicion of having been driving under the influence (DWI) after he reportedly crashed his car.

Back in February, the Ole Country Boy also had to face police when he was charged with public intoxication. Police had found him hanging out in front of a church with an open container and smelling of course, you guessed it, alcohol. (Is this when we sing the Brad Paisley song?)

This six-time Grammy country singer sounds like he needs to get out of the hard rock bottom before another “I Told You So” is warranted.

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