Raymond Walburn

Born: 09/09/1887 in Plymouth, Indiana, USA


Actor (57)

She Couldn't Say No 1953 (Movie)

Judge Holbert (Actor)

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock 1950 (Movie)

E.J. Waggleberry (Actor)

State of the Union 1948 (Movie)

Judge Alexander (Actor)

Hail the Conquering Hero 1943 (Movie)

Mayor Noble (Actor)

Let's Face It 1942 (Movie)


The Desperadoes 1942 (Movie)

Judge Cameron (Actor)

Louisiana Purchase 1940 (Movie)


Christmas in July 1939 (Movie)


Dark Command 1939 (Movie)

Judge Buckner (Actor)

Eternally Yours 1938 (Movie)

Mr. Harley Bingham (Actor)

Thin Ice 1936 (Movie)


Born to Dance 1935 (Movie)

Captain Dingby (Actor)

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1935 (Movie)

Walter (Actor)

Broadway Bill 1934 (Movie)

Colonel Pettigrew (Actor)

Thanks a Million 1934 (Movie)


Absolute Quiet (Movie)

Governor Pruden (Actor)

Affairs of Geraldine (Movie)

Amos Hartwell (Actor)

And the Angels Sing (Movie)

Pop Angel (Actor)

Breakfast in Hollywood (Movie)

Mr. Cartwright (Actor)

Broadway Melody of 1938 (Movie)

Herman Whipple (Actor)

Confirm or Deny (Movie)

H. Cyrus Sturtevant (Actor)

Craig's Wife (Movie)

Billy Birkmire (Actor)

Dixie (Movie)

Mr. Cook (Actor)

Excuse My Dust (Movie)

Mayor Fred Haskell (Actor)

Father Makes Good (Movie)

Henry Latham (Actor)

Father's Wild Game (Movie)

Henry Latham (Actor)

Flowing Gold (Movie)

Wildcat Chalmers (Actor)

Gateway (Movie)

Mr. McNutt (Actor)

Golden Girl (Movie)

Cornelius (Actor)

Heavenly Days (Movie)

Mr. Popham (Actor)

Henry, the Rainmaker (Movie)

Henry Latham (Actor)

High, Wide and Handsome (Movie)

Doc Watterson (Actor)

It's a Small World (Movie)

Judge Julius B. Clummerhorn (Actor)

Jealousy (Movie)

Phil (Actor)

Key to the City (Movie)

Mayor Billy Butler (Actor)

Kiss the Boys Goodbye (Movie)

Top Rumson (Actor)

Lady by Choice (Movie)

Front O'Malley (Actor)

Leave It to Henry (Movie)

Henry Latham (Actor)

Let Freedom Ring (Movie)

Editor Underwood (Actor)

Let's Get Married (Movie)

Harrington (Actor)

Mills of the Gods (Movie)

Willard (Actor)

Murder in Greenwich Village (Movie)

The Senator (Actor)

Music in Manhattan (Movie)

Professor (Actor)

Puddin' Head (Movie)

H.L. Montgomery, Sr. (Actor)

Red, Hot and Blue (Movie)

Mr. Creek (Actor)

Riding High (Movie)

Prof. Pettigrew (Actor)

Rise and Shine (Movie)

Colonel (Actor)

San Francisco Docks (Movie)

Admiral Andy Tracy (Actor)

She Married Her Boss (Movie)

Franklyn (Actor)

Start Cheering (Movie)

Dean Worthington (Actor)

Sweethearts (Movie)

Orlando Lane (Actor)

The Count of Monte Cristo (Movie)

Danglars (Actor)

The Defense Rests (Movie)

Austin (Actor)

The King Steps Out (Movie)

Von Kempen (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Returns (Movie)

Jenkins (Actor)

They Met in a Taxi (Movie)

Mr. Clifton (Actor)

Third Finger, Left Hand (Movie)

Mark Sherwood (Actor)