5 Reasons ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Star John Cho is Awesome

John Cho, Sleepy HollowFOX Searchlight Pictures

Most recently, he’s lit up our screens as the tortured and surprisingly good-natured demon servant Andy Brooks on this season’s freshman hit Sleepy Hollow, and we’ve also enjoyed his performances in the two Star Trek  reboots, the ever-hilarious Harold and Kumar  trilogy, and on the small screen in Go On and FlashForward.

5. His undead-servant-of-Moloch character on Sleepy Hollow is already a fan favorite, and for good reason. Who else could be so likable for someone with such murky intentions? When he griped about helping a centuries-old flayed witch dig up her bones (that’s pretty much Sleepy Hollow in a nutshell, by the way) in the episode “Blood Moon” it was one of the best moments on the show so far.

4. All of Harold and Kumar. He’s brilliantly funny.


He brought back Sulu’s famous (or rather, infamous) fencing, from the aptly named “The Naked Time” episode and made it, if possible, even more badass.


And if you thought that was cool, you’ll find the scene in Star Trek Into Darkness when he schools John Harrison (AKA Khan, AKA Benedict Cumberbatch) is even cooler. Dang, did he deserve more screen time!

1. Oh, and speaking of Star Trek, have you seen this delightful interview?  When asked who his favorite Star Trek villain was, this is how he responded:


Don’t you love how he not-so-subtly shades J.J. Abrams’ white-washing (with literally the whitest man ever; sorry Mr. Cumberbatch) of Khan? He pushed through the awkwardness and said what needed to be said.  In general, he’s been very vocal in general about the lack/and or misrepresentation of Asian-Americans in TV and film (like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. producer Maurissa Tancharoen).  His advice to Asian America? “We need to be proud enough to be vocal.”  Go John Cho!

BONUS: He was on Sesame Street.