14 Reasons We Absolutely Love Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has been every where lately and with good reason. After many very successful stand-up specials, he has moved on to blockbuster movies and hosting. Along with more exposure, he has only gotten better, to celebrate our love for the short man we decided to give 12 reasons why we love him!

1. He’s not afraid to show his vulnerable side.

Hartbeat Productions/Giphy

2. He’s also very honest.

Hartbeat Productions/Tumblr

3. His impersonation of his ex still makes us laugh so hard it makes our stomach hurt.

Image Entertainment/Giphy

4. He can say so much without having to say anything at all.


5. He makes his stand-up audience feel like they’re his buddies.

Comedy Central/Giphy

6. He gave us our new safe word.

Hartbeat Productions/Giphy

7. He fights for the right of short men!

Universal Television/Giphy

8. He loves Taylor Swift (and she loves him).


9. He’s also a fan  of Beyoncé.


10. He understands our hatred of roller-coasters.


i love kevin hartUniversal Television/Tumblr

11. His celebratory dance is everything.



12. He understands the rules of friendship.

Hartbeat Productions/Tumblr

13. Phil Dunphy thinks he is the coolest neighbor, and we agree.

20th Century Fox Television/Giphy

14. He’s gotten to do what we have been wanting to do to Robin Thicke. What can we say? We love Paula Patton.


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