Rebecca Ferguson Will Sing At Trump’s Inauguration– Under One Condition


It’s a New Year which means we are one day closer to Donnie Tiny Hands becoming President of the United States…sigh. I mean we got through the 1960’s, so we can get through this right? Anywho, it seems that ole’ Donnie boy has had to reach across the pond to beg British singers to take part in his dreaded inauguration. This is his illustrious line up thus far.

UK X Factor alum, Rebecca Ferguson, who rose to fame for her stunning rendition of Sam Cooke‘s Civil Right’s ballad “A Change Gonna Come” has been asked to sing at the inauguration and the singer said that she would under one condition. Ferguson has said that if she can sing Billie Holiday‘s “Strange Fruit.” She would be more than happy to lend her vocals to Trump’s inauguration ceremony. She reponsed pubicaly to the inaguration committee on Twitter saying,

“I’ve been asked and this is my answer. If you allow me to sing Strange Fruit, a song that has huge historical importance, a song that was blacklisted in the United States for being too controversial. A song that speaks to all the disregarded and downtrodden black people in the United States. A song that is a reminder of how love is the only thing that will conquer all the hatred in this world, then I will graciously accept your invitation and see you in Washington. Best Rebecca X”

We’re pretty sure Donnie is going to say no to that, but what disturbs me more is the fact that he thought he could ask a woman of color to do anything for him at all SMH. Perhaps Omarosa could sing a show tune or two. After all, she’s supposed to be ahead of the “African-American committee” or whatever.


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