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Lily Collins

Lily Collins
While Lily Collins was born into a life of privilege and glamour, it was through sheer talent and passion that she was able to lead the enchanted life of a movie star. The daughter of musician Phil Collins, the British actress first gained attention as a columnist for popular teen magazines like <i>Seventeen</i> and <i>Teen Vogue</i>, and as host of several...

Matt Lawrence

Matt Lawrence
One of the acting Lawrence brothers, Matthew (Matt) was four years younger than brother Joey, but as Joey slid into his 20s, Matt replaced him as one of the top teen idols in America. Coming across as shy, with a broad smile, thick eyebrows, and floppy hair, Lawrence, like older brother Joey, began in show business at an early age. Along with youngest brother Andy, the trio were featured as...

Ayoub Kachani


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