Reginald Owen

A versatile British character actor, Reginald Owen stayed very busy during a career with amazing longevity. A student at Sir Herbert Tree's Academy of Dramatic Arts, he made his professional stage debut in 1905. He ... Read more »
Born: 08/05/1887 in Wheathampstead, England, GB


Actor (90)

Above Suspicion 2016 (Movie)

Dr. Mespelbrunn (Actor)

Topper Returns 1972 - 1973 (TV Show)


Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1971 (Movie)

General Teagler (Actor)

The Queen and I 1968 - 1969 (TV Show)


Rosie 1966 (Movie)

Patrick (Actor)

Mary Poppins 1964 (Movie)

Admiral Boom (Actor)

Five Weeks in a Balloon 1962 (Movie)

Consul (Actor)

Tammy and the Doctor 1962 (Movie)

Jason Tripp (Actor)

Red Garters 1954 (Movie)

Judge Winthrop (Actor)

The Great Diamond Robbery 1953 (Movie)

Bainbridge Gibbons (Actor)

Kim 1951 (Movie)


Hills of Home 1948 (Movie)


The Pirate 1948 (Movie)

The Advocate (Actor)

Green Dolphin Street 1947 (Movie)


If Winter Comes 1947 (Movie)


The Imperfect Lady 1947 (Movie)


Cluny Brown 1946 (Movie)

Sir Henry Carmel (Actor)

Monsieur Beaucaire 1946 (Movie)

King Louis XV (Actor)

National Velvet 1944 (Movie)


The Canterville Ghost 1944 (Movie)

Lord Canterville (Actor)

Forever and a Day 1943 (Movie)

Mr. Simpson (Actor)

Mrs. Miniver 1942 (Movie)

Foley (Actor)

Reunion in France 1941 (Movie)


Woman of the Year 1941 (Movie)

Clayton (Actor)

A Woman's Face 1940 (Movie)

Bernard Dalvik (Actor)

Tarzan's Secret Treasure 1940 (Movie)


A Christmas Carol 1937 (Movie)


Conquest 1936 (Movie)


The Bride Wore Red 1936 (Movie)

Admiral Monti (Actor)

The Great Ziegfeld 1935 (Movie)

Sampston (Actor)

A Tale of Two Cities 1934 (Movie)


Anna Karenina 1934 (Movie)


The Call of the Wild 1934 (Movie)


The Good Fairy 1934 (Movie)


Queen Christina 1932 (Movie)


Downstairs 1931 (Movie)


Free and Easy 1930 (Movie)

Sir George Kelvin (Actor)

A Study in Scarlet (Movie)

Sherlock Holmes (Actor)

A Woman Commands (Movie)

The Prime Minister (Actor)

Adventure in Manhattan (Movie)

Blackton Gregory (Actor)

Bad Little Angel (Movie)

Edwards, the Valet (Actor)

Blonde Inspiration (Movie)

Reginald (Actor)

Captain Kidd (Movie)

Cary Shadwell (Actor)

Challenge to Lassie (Movie)

Sgt. Davis (Actor)

Charley's Aunt (Movie)

Redcliff (Actor)

Dangerous Number (Movie)

Cousin William (Actor)

Double Harness (Movie)

Butler (Actor)

Escapade (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

Everybody Sing (Movie)

Hillary Bellaire (Actor)

Fashions of 1934 (Movie)

Oscar Baroque (Actor)

Fast and Loose (Movie)

Vincent Charlton (Actor)

Grounds for Marriage (Movie)

Mr. Delacorte (Actor)

Here Is My Heart (Movie)

Prince Vladimir (Actor)

Hotel Imperial (Movie)

Gen. Videnko (Actor)

Hullabaloo (Movie)

"Buzz" Foster (Actor)

I Married an Angel (Movie)

Herman "Whiskers" Rothbart (Actor)

Julia Misbehaves (Movie)

Bennie Hawkins (Actor)

Kitty (Movie)

Duke of Malmunster (Actor)

Lady Be Good (Movie)

Max Milton (Actor)

Love on the Run (Movie)

Baron Spandermann (Actor)

Madame Curie (Movie)

Dr. Becquerel (Actor)

Madame X (Movie)

Maurice Dourel (Actor)

Mandalay (Movie)

Police Commissioner (Actor)

Music in the Air (Movie)

Ernst Weber, Music Publisher (Actor)

Personal Property (Movie)

Claude Dabney (Actor)

Piccadilly Incident (Movie)

The Judge (Actor)

Platinum Blonde (Movie)

Dexter Grayson (Actor)

Random Harvest (Movie)

"Bitter" (Actor)

Remember (Movie)

Mr. Bronson (Actor)

Rosalie (Movie)

Chancellor (Actor)

Salute to the Marines (Movie)

Keye Luke (Actor)

Stingaree (Movie)

Governor General (Actor)

The Big Brain (Movie)

Lord Darlington (Actor)

The Countess of Monte Cristo (Movie)

The Baron (Actor)

The Earl of Chicago (Movie)

Gervase Gonwell (Actor)

The Ghost Comes Home (Movie)

Hemingway (Actor)

The House of Rothschild (Movie)

Herries (Actor)

The Letter (Movie)

Robert Crosbie (Actor)

The Man Called Back (Movie)

Dr. Atkins (Actor)

The Man in Possession (Movie)

Claude Dabney (Actor)

The Miniver Story (Movie)

Mr. Foley (Actor)

The Narrow Corner (Movie)

Frith (Actor)

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Movie)

Lord George Farmoor (Actor)

The Real Glory (Movie)

Capt. Steve Hartley (Actor)

The Sailor Takes a Wife (Movie)

Mr. Amboy (Actor)

They Met in Bombay (Movie)

The General (Actor)

Three Hearts for Julia (Movie)

John Girard (Actor)

Trouble for Two (Movie)

Dr. Franz Noel (Actor)

Valley of Decision (Movie)

McCready (Actor)

We Were Dancing (Movie)

Maj. Tyler-Blane (Actor)
Writer (2)

A Study in Scarlet (Movie)


Stablemates (Movie)

(Screen Story)


A versatile British character actor, Reginald Owen stayed very busy during a career with amazing longevity. A student at Sir Herbert Tree's Academy of Dramatic Arts, he made his professional stage debut in 1905. He earned his first film credit in the 1911 short "Henry VIII" before coming to America to appear on-stage and in films. One of his earliest roles was in the Jean Harlow vehicle "Platinum Blonde" in 1931, and he assumed the classic role Dr. Watson in the 1932 version of "Sherlock Holmes." A year later, he played Holmes himself in "A Study in Scarlet." One of the most important roles of his career came about because of Lionel Barrymore's broken hip; slated to play Ebenezer Scrooge in the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol," the legendary Barrymore yield the role after his injury. Owen took over successfully, achieving notoriety for his portrayal in the 1938 film. He also excelled at playing historical figures, portraying King Louis XV, Emperor Franz Josef, and Thomas Cromwell, among others. His film roles continued in the '40s and '50s, as he played Treville in "The Three Musketeers," Foley in the Academy Award-winning wartime classic "Mrs. Miniver," and Clayton in the Hepburn/Tracy romantic comedy "Woman of the Year." Owen successfully made the transition to the television era and, finding guest roles on shows like "Bewitched" and, in one of his final credits, detective show "McCloud." He also played Admiral Boom in the 1964 musical "Mary Poppins."


third wife survived him


Tree's Academy of Dramatic Art