Regis Toomey

Veteran character actor in over 200 films. During his decades-long career, Toomey played mainly men-of-action character roles, second-rank good guys or cops variously in the gangster movie "G-Men" (1935), the war drama ... Read more »
Born: 08/13/1898 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Actor (105)

Evil Town 1986 (Movie)


Chomps 1979 (Movie)

Chief Patterson (Actor)

God Bless Dr. Shagetz 1976 (Movie)


The Carey Treatment 1971 (Movie)

Dr Sanderson (Actor)

Cover Me Babe 1970 (Movie)

Michael (Actor)

Petticoat Junction 1963 - 1970 (TV Show)


Change of Habit 1969 (Movie)

Father Gibbons (Actor)

Gunn 1967 (Movie)


Burke's Law 1963 - 1965 (TV Show)


The Night of the Grizzly 1965 (Movie)

Cotton Benson (Actor)

Man's Favorite Sport? 1964 (Movie)

Bagley (Actor)

Shannon 1961 - 1962 (TV Show)


The Loretta Young Theater 1953 - 1962 (TV Show)


The Last Sunset 1961 (Movie)

Milton Wing (Actor)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961 (Movie)

Dr Jamieson (Actor)

Guns of the Timberland 1960 (Movie)

Sheriff Taylor (Actor)

Sing Boy Sing 1958 (Movie)

Reverend Easton (Actor)

Warlock 1958 (Movie)

Skinner (Actor)

Great Day in the Morning 1956 (Movie)

Father Murphy (Actor)

Guys and Dolls 1955 (Movie)

Arvide Abernathy (Actor)

Hey Mulligan 1953 - 1955 (TV Show)


Top Gun 1955 (Movie)

Jim O'Hara (Actor)

Drums Across the River 1953 (Movie)

Sheriff Beal (Actor)

Island in the Sky 1953 (Movie)

Sergeant Harper (Actor)

Beyond the Forest 1949 (Movie)

Sorren (Actor)

Station West 1948 (Movie)

Jim Goddard (Actor)

The Boy With Green Hair 1948 (Movie)

Mr. Davis (Actor)

The Big Sleep 1946 (Movie)

Bernie Ohls (Actor)

Spellbound 1945 (Movie)


Phantom Lady 1944 (Movie)


His Girl Friday 1940 (Movie)

Sanders (Actor)

They Died With Their Boots On 1940 (Movie)

Fitzhugh Lee (Actor)

Union Pacific 1938 (Movie)

Paddy O'Rourke (Actor)

Hunted Men 1937 (Movie)

Donovan (Actor)

The Finger Points 1930 (Movie)


Alibi 1928 (Movie)

Danny McGann (Actor)

'Til We Meet Again (Movie)

Freddy (Actor)

24 Hours (Movie)

Tony Bruzzi (Actor)

Arizona (Movie)

Grant Oury (Actor)

Back in Circulation (Movie)

Buck (Actor)

Bars of Hate (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

Betrayal from the East (Movie)

Scott (Actor)

Big Time or Bust (Movie)


Bulldog Edition (Movie)

Hardy (Actor)

Come to the Stable (Movie)

Monsignor (Actor)

Cry Danger (Movie)

Cobb (Actor)

Dark Mountain (Movie)

Steve Downey (Actor)

Dive Bomber (Movie)

Tim Griffin (Actor)

Frenchie (Movie)

Carter (Actor)

G-Men (Movie)

Eddie Buchanan (Actor)

Graft (Movie)

Dusty Hotchkiss (Actor)

Great God Gold (Movie)

Phil Stuart (Actor)

Illegal Traffic (Movie)

Windy (Actor)

Illusion (Movie)

Eric Schmittlap (Actor)

Indianapolis Speedway (Movie)

Dick Wilbur (Actor)

Jack London (Movie)

Scratch Nelson (Actor)

Just for You (Movie)

Hodges (Actor)

Laughing at Life (Movie)

Pat Collins (Actor)

Magic Town (Movie)

Ed Weaver (Actor)

Manhattan Moon (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)

Meet John Doe (Movie)

Bert Hansen (Actor)

Mighty Joe Young (Movie)

John Young (Actor)

My Pal Gus (Movie)

Farley Norris (Actor)

My Six Convicts (Movie)

Dr. Gordon (Actor)

Mysterious Intruder (Movie)

James Summers (Actor)

Never Wave at a WAC (Movie)

Gen. Prager (Actor)

Northwest Mounted Police (Movie)

Constable Jerry Moore (Actor)

Northwest Passage (Movie)

Webster (Actor)

One Frightened Night (Movie)

Tom Dean (Actor)

Scandal Sheet (Movie)

Regan (Actor)

Shadow of the Law (Movie)

Tom Owen (Actor)

She Had to Choose (Movie)

Jack Berry (Actor)

She Had to Say Yes (Movie)

Tommy Nelson (Actor)

Shopworn (Movie)

David Livingston (Actor)

Show Boat (Movie)

Sheriff Ike Vallon (Actor)

Sister Kenny (Movie)


Skull and Crown (Movie)

Franklin (Actor)

Smashing the Spy Ring (Movie)

Ted Hall (Actor)

Soldiers of the Storm (Movie)

Brad Allerton (Actor)

Son of Belle Starr (Movie)

Tom Wren (Actor)

Song of the Open Road (Movie)

Connors (Actor)

Strange Illusion (Movie)

Dr. Vincent (Actor)

Street of Chance (Movie)

"Babe" Marsden (Actor)

Street of Missing Men (Movie)

Parker (Actor)

Submarine D-1 (Movie)

Tom Callam (Actor)

Take the High Ground (Movie)

Chaplain (Actor)

Tennessee Johnson (Movie)

McDaniel (Actor)

The Battle at Apache Pass (Movie)

Dr. Carter (Actor)

The Big City (Movie)

Fred Hawkins (Actor)

The Crowd Roars (Movie)

Dick Willshaw (Actor)

The Doughgirls (Movie)

Timothy Walsh (Actor)

The Forest Rangers (Movie)

Frank Hatfield (Actor)

The Invisible Menace (Movie)

Lt. Matthews (Actor)

The Light of Western Stars (Movie)

Bob Drexell (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance (Movie)

Wallace (Actor)

The Midnight Patrol (Movie)

John Martin (Actor)

The Penal Code (Movie)


The Phantom Creeps (Movie)

Jim Daly (Actor)

The Phantom of Hollywood (TV Show)


The Thirteenth Hour (Movie)


Touchdown (Movie)

Tom Hussey (Actor)

Under Eighteen (Movie)

Jimmie (Actor)

What's Your Racket? (Movie)

Bert Miller (Actor)

Wings of the Navy (Movie)

1st Flight Instructor (Actor)


Veteran character actor in over 200 films. During his decades-long career, Toomey played mainly men-of-action character roles, second-rank good guys or cops variously in the gangster movie "G-Men" (1935), the war drama "Dive Bomber" (1941) and the Western "They Died With Their Boots On" (1942). During the 1950s and 60s, Toomey appeared as a regular on the TV series "Dante's Inferno," "Hey Mulligan," "Richard Diamond," "Burke's Law" (as Gene Barry's sidekick) and "Petticoat Junction."


Francis X Toomey


Marie Ellen Toomey


Ord Toomey


Othelia Toomey


Sarah Toomey


J Scott

married in 1925


Carnegie Institute of Technology

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
school later renamed Carnegie-Mellon University

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1921

Peabody High School



TV debut on "T.K.O" episode of "Bigelow-Sanford Theatre"


Film debut, "Alibi"

Signed to long-term contract with Paramount-Famous Players-Lasky

Appeared on NY and London stage for five years; toured England in George M Cohan's "Little Nelly Kelly" where severe laryngitis forced the end of his singing career

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Served as president to the Motion Picture Permanent Charities Committee.


Toomey was a member of the governing body of the Los Angeles Community Chest.