Reporter Asks Charlize Theron to Marry Him

A cheeky reporter made Charlize Theron blush at the Venice Film Festival in Italy on Thursday, August 28, by asking her to marry him and then quizzing her about sleeping arrangements.

The Oscar winner was promoting new film The Burning Plain at a press conference when the unnamed reporter plucked up courage to pop the question.

He asked, “I really like you so much and have a lot of respect for you but I would like to marry you, and I have a question: which side (of the bed) do you

prefer to sleep on?”

The quick-thinking actress replied, “The side that you are not on,” before joking, “Security! Security! Security!”

She then added, “You are very cute, but you know my boyfriend will kill you.”

Theron‘s longterm beau is Irish actor Stuart Townsend.

She then further confused the world’s press by stating, “I am married, I am taken, whatever.” 

Theron and Townsend have never officially wed, but the pair has always maintained they feel like a married couple.

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