Rhesus Pieces! Jacket-Wearing Ikea Monkey Has a Meme — PHOTOS

Rhesus Pieces! Jacket-Wearing Ikea Monkey Has a Meme — PHOTOS

It’s a big world out there, and for our tiniest new friend—the Ikea Rhesus Macaque monkey—he’s just looking for a way to get into it. For so long he was forced to live in a cage so one dimensional and lonely, he just knew he had to break out! There was a whole, wide, Canadian world out there, you see. One filled with snow, Scandanavian furniture and overuse of the phrase “eh?” if you’re into terrible Canadian stereotypes. Also: great healthcare.

Our little monkey friend galavanted into our hearts by way of the Toronto Ikea from whence he was discovered, but that was only the beginning. There’s a whole big world out there, and Ikea Monkey is ready for his close-up, Mr. DeMille. So off he went: to Hollywood, of course! There was still so much to learn and explore! But with a single-color dream coat

The day started off simply enough, bidding farewell to his fellow cold-weather pals. After being kicked out unceremoniously, it was Happy Rhes no more.


After being so unhappily bumped from his home, our new friend thought he’d found shelter at last, only to discover he’d stumbled upon Kurt Russell. Looking rather, well, bleak. Realizing his best bet would be to assimilate into this new world, our monkey friend decides to hide in the one place he imagines he’ll go undetected: a 1982 science-fiction film! Seems that they’ll trade hunting Alaskan Malamutes for Canadian Macaque, though, so the monkey makes a break for it…


The Thing from Ikea…coming soon never to a theater near you…

Believing himself to be in great danger, our fearless monkey takes his Old World charm and discovers himself to be smack-dab in the middle of The Shining, where he realizes he might not be as ready for a meeting with Jack as he thought. Boo!


Get out of there, Shelley Duvall!

Cold, alone, and afraid, our mammalian mate seeks comfort in the arms of…total strangers behind The Wall.


Winter is coming…better pack your fuzzy coat!

Feeling rather…hot ‘n’ bothered after his time with Jon Snow and Ygritte, our Ikea monkey friend makes his way to Fargo, North Dakota where he oddly enough, feels most at home. Perhaps it’s all that cold, dark air. Too bad for our little friend, though, he finds himself a witness to an incredibly bungled and inept murder. Time to hightail it out of here!


Trying to get out of the cold, and feel the warmth of living under his adorable cheeks once again, our little primate pal went looking for somewhere new to settle down, and ended up in the biggest horror show of all…


Talk about heating things up!This little Ikea monkey is ready to take off that jacket and party now!

Are you a fan of the Ikea Monkey and his little single-color dream coat? Let us know in the comments!

[Photo Credit: Hollywood.com]

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