Richard Burton

As one of the foremost interpreters of William Shakespeare's plays, it seemed both appropriate and ironic that the life of actor Richard Burton would, at times, seem taken from one of the writer's tragedies. Born into ... Read more »
Born: 11/10/1925 in United Kingdom


Actor (61)

Absolution 1988 (Movie)

Father Goddard (Actor)

1984 1984 (Movie)

O'Brien (Actor)

I, Leonardo: A Journey of the Mind 1983 - 1984 (TV Show)


Wagner 1983 (Movie)

Richard Wagner (Actor)

Circle of Two 1981 (Movie)

Ashley St Clair (Actor)

The Bob Hope Special (05/14/79) 1978 - 1979 (TV Show)


Lovespell 1978 (Movie)


Teil Steiner - Das Eiserne Kreuz 2 1978 (Movie)

Sergeant Feldwebel Steiner (Actor)

Equus 1977 (Movie)

Martin Dysart (Actor)

Exorcist II: The Heretic 1977 (Movie)

Father Philip Lamont (Actor)

The Medusa Touch 1977 (Movie)

John Morlar (Actor)

The Wild Geese 1977 (Movie)

Colonel Allen Faulkner (Actor)

Brief Encounter 1974 - 1975 (TV Show)


The Gathering Storm 1974 - 1975 (TV Show)


Il Viaggio 1973 (Movie)

Cesar (Actor)

Massacre in Rome 1973 (Movie)

Colonel Kappler (Actor)

The Klansman 1973 (Movie)

Breck Stancill (Actor)

Bluebeard 1972 (Movie)

Baron von Sepper/Bluebeard (Actor)

Hammersmith Is Out 1972 (Movie)

Hammersmith (Actor)

Sutjeska 1972 (Movie)


A World of Love 1970 - 1971 (TV Show)


Raid on Rommel 1971 (Movie)

Foster (Actor)

The Assassination of Trotsky 1971 (Movie)

Leon Trotsky (Actor)

Under Milk Wood 1971 (Movie)

1st Voice (Actor)

Villain 1970 (Movie)

Vic Dakin (Actor)

Anne of the Thousand Days 1969 (Movie)

King Henry VIII (Actor)

Staircase 1969 (Movie)

Harry Leeds (Actor)

Boom! 1968 (Movie)

Chris Flanders (Actor)

Candy 1968 (Movie)

McPhisto (Actor)

Doctor Faustus 1968 (Movie)

Doctor Faustus (Actor)

Where Eagles Dare 1968 (Movie)

John Smith (Actor)

The Comedians 1967 (Movie)

Brown (Actor)

The Taming of the Shrew 1967 (Movie)

Petruchio (Actor)

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? 1966 (Movie)

George (Actor)

The Sandpiper 1965 (Movie)

Dr Edward Hewitt (Actor)

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold 1965 (Movie)

Alec Leamas (Actor)

Becket 1964 (Movie)

Thomas Becket (Actor)

Hamlet 1964 (Movie)

Hamlet (Actor)

The Night of the Iguana 1964 (Movie)

Rev T Lawrence Shannon (Actor)

Zulu 1964 (Movie)

Narration (Narrator)

Cleopatra 1963 (Movie)

Mark Antony (Actor)

The V.I.P.s 1963 (Movie)

Paul Andros (Actor)

DuPont Show of the Month 1957 - 1961 (TV Show)


The Longest Day 1961 (Movie)

RAF Pilot (Actor)

Ice Palace 1960 (Movie)

Zeb (Actor)

The Bramble Bush 1960 (Movie)

Guy (Actor)

Look Back in Anger 1959 (Movie)

Jimmy Porter (Actor)

Bitter Victory 1958 (Movie)

Captain Leith (Actor)

Sea Wife 1957 (Movie)

Biscuit (Actor)

Alexander the Great 1956 (Movie)

Alexander The Great (Actor)

The Rains of Ranchipur 1955 (Movie)

Dr Safti (Actor)

Demetrius and the Gladiators 1954 (Movie)

(cameo appearance) (Actor)

Prince of Players 1954 (Movie)

Edwin Booth (Actor)

The Desert Rats 1953 (Movie)

Capt MacRoberts (Actor)

My Cousin Rachel 1952 (Movie)

Philip Ashley (Actor)

Thursday's Children 1952 (Movie)

Commentary (Actor)

Celanese Theater (TV Show)


Divorce His/Divorce Hers (TV Show)


Ellis Island (TV Show)


The Robe (Movie)

Marcellus Gallio (Actor)
Producer (2)

Doctor Faustus 1968 (Movie)


The Taming of the Shrew 1967 (Movie)

Director (1)

Doctor Faustus 1968 (Movie)



As one of the foremost interpreters of William Shakespeare's plays, it seemed both appropriate and ironic that the life of actor Richard Burton would, at times, seem taken from one of the writer's tragedies. Born into poverty in Wales, he took solace in classic literature and drink while still a young man; he poured that restless energy onto the stage, where critics were quick to compare him to Laurence Olivier. That level of expectation gave Burton entry into Hollywood, where he netted numerous Oscar nominations for "My Cousin Rachel" (1949), "The Robe" (1953), "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (1968) and "Equus" (1976), but created a level of expectation for his talents that was nearly impossible to withstand. Punishing alcohol abuse and a tempestuous relationship with actress Elizabeth Taylor helped to undermine his health and standing in the industry; at the time of his death in 1984, he was poised for a comeback that never happened. Burton's legacy was bittersweet - he left the world with a wealth of extraordinary performances, but also with the unavoidable truth that he was capable of so much more.


had twelve in all

Cissie Jenkins


Claire Bloom Actor

involved in 1953 in her memoirs she claims she lost her virginity to him

Kate Burton Actor

Mother, Sybil Williams

Philip Burton

adopted Burton as his legal ward c. 1943 died February 4, 1995, age 90

Jessica Burton

mother, Sybil Williams

Maria Burton

adopted with Elizabeth Taylor

Sally Hay

married on July 3, 1983 until his death

Susan Hunt

married in August 1976 divorced in 1982

Susan Strasberg Actor


Elizabeth Taylor Actor

Met while filming "Cleopatra" (1963) First married March 16, 1964 Co-starred in "The Sandpiper" (1965) and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (1966) Divorced June 26, 1974 Married a second time Oct. 10, 1975 Second divorce Aug. 1, 1976

Sybil Williams

married on February 5, 1949 divorced on December 5, 1963


University of Oxford

Oxford , England



First film with Elizabeth Taylor, "Cleopatra"


American film acting debut in "My Cousin Rachel"


First British film role in "The Last Days of Dolwyn"