Richard Carle

Born: 07/07/1871 in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA


Actor (65)

Million Dollar Baby 1940 (Movie)


That Uncertain Feeling 1940 (Movie)

The Butler (Actor)

The Devil and Miss Jones 1940 (Movie)

Oliver (Actor)

Parole Fixer 1939 (Movie)


Seven Sinners 1939 (Movie)

District Officer (Actor)

The Great McGinty 1939 (Movie)


Ninotchka 1938 (Movie)


Dangerous 1934 (Movie)


Hollywood Party 1934 (Movie)

Knapp, Schnarzan's Manager (Actor)

The Old-Fashioned Way 1933 (Movie)

Sheriff of Barnesville (Actor)

Morning Glory 1932 (Movie)

Henry Lawrence (Actor)

One Hour With You 1931 (Movie)


Free and Easy 1930 (Movie)


The Coming of Amos 1924 (Movie)


A Dangerous Game (Movie)

Agatha (Actor)

A Lady to Love (Movie)

Postman (Actor)

Anything Goes (Movie)

Bishop Dobson (Actor)

Arizona Mahoney (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

College Holiday (Movie)

Judge Bent (Actor)

Comin' Round the Mountain (Movie)

Lester Smoot (Actor)

Diplomaniacs (Movie)

Captain (Actor)

George White's Scandals (Movie)

Minister (Actor)

Habeas Corpus (Movie)


Harold Teen (Movie)


His Glorious Night (Movie)

Count Albert (Actor)

It Can Be Done (Movie)

Watson (Actor)

It's All Yours (Movie)

Judge Reynolds (Actor)

It's a Wonderful World (Movie)

Maj. Willoughby (Actor)

Ladies Must Love (Movie)


Let's Sing Again (Movie)

Carter (Actor)

Life Returns (Movie)


Lillian Russell (Movie)


Love Before Breakfast (Movie)

Brinkerhoff (Actor)

Madame X (Movie)

Perissard (Actor)

Maisie (Movie)

Roger Bannerman (Actor)

Man Hunt (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

Merry-Go-Round of 1938 (Movie)

Col. Frooks (Actor)

Mistaken Identity (Movie)


My Life with Caroline (Movie)

Dr. Curtis (Actor)

New Wine (Movie)

Hasslinger (Actor)

No Marriage Ties (Movie)

Drunk in Bar (Actor)

One Night in the Tropics (Movie)

Mr. Moore (Actor)

One Rainy Afternoon (Movie)

Minister of Justice (Actor)

Private Jones (Movie)

Lecturer (Actor)

Racketeers in Exile (Movie)

Porky (Actor)

Remember (Movie)

Mr. Piper (Actor)

Rhythm in the Clouds (Movie)

Boswell (Actor)

She's Dangerous (Movie)

Kegley (Actor)

Sin Takes a Holiday (Movie)

Minister (Actor)

The Arizona Raiders (Movie)

Boswell Abernathy (Actor)

The Bride Comes Home (Movie)

Frank (Actor)

The Fleet's In (Movie)

Judge Hartley (Actor)

The Gay Deception (Movie)

Mr. Spitzer (Actor)

The Ghost Comes Home (Movie)


The Ghost Walks (Movie)

Wood (Actor)

The Golden Fleecing (Movie)

Pattington (Actor)

The Little Red Schoolhouse (Movie)

The Professor (Actor)

The Man in Blue (Movie)

Willie Loomis (Actor)

The Outcast (Movie)

Mooney (Actor)

The Unholy Three (Movie)

Barker (Actor)

The Witching Hour (TV Show)


Three of a Kind (Movie)

F. Thorndyke Penfield (Actor)

Top of the Town (Movie)

Edwin Borden (Actor)

True Confession (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

Wake up and Dream (Movie)

Babcock (Actor)
Writer (1)

The Tenderfoot (Movie)

(Screen Story)



First film as actor