Richard Cohee


Physical Effects (2)

Oblivion 2013 (Movie)


Dolphin Tale 2011 (Movie)

Actor (2)

Frankie and Alice 2010 (Movie)

Black Janitor (Actor)

The Sum of All Fears 2002 (Movie)

Mount Weather General (Actor)
Other (11)

Now You See Me 2013 (Movie)

(for Thaddeus / Morgan Freeman) (Stand-In)

Invictus 2009 (Movie)

Stand In/Photo Double(for Mr Freeman) (Stand-In)

Maiden Heist 2008 (Movie)

(for Morgan Freeman) (Stand-In)

Evan Almighty 2007 (Movie)


Feast of Love 2007 (Movie)

(for Mr. Freeman) (Stand-In)

Gone Baby Gone 2007 (Movie)

(for Mr. Freeman) (Stand-In)

The Code 2007 (Movie)

(for Mr Freeman) (Stand-In)

The Contract 2007 (Movie)

(for Mr Freeman) (Stand-In)

An Unfinished Life 2005 (Movie)


Unleashed 2005 (Movie)

(Morgan Freeman) (Stand-In)

Bruce Almighty 2003 (Movie)

(Mr Freeman) (Stand-In)