Richard Crane

Born: 06/06/1918 in Newcastle, Indiana, USA


Actor (27)

Surf Party 1963 (Movie)


Surfside 6 1960 - 1962 (TV Show)


The Boy Who Caught a Crook 1961 (Movie)

Connors (Actor)

The Alligator People 1958 (Movie)

Paul Webster (Actor)

The Deep Six 1957 (Movie)

Lieutenant Swanson 'J G' (Actor)

Commando Cody 1954 - 1956 (TV Show)


The Eddy Duchin Story 1956 (Movie)

Seaman (Actor)

The Eternal Sea 1955 (Movie)

Lieutenant Johnson (Actor)

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger 1953 - 1954 (TV Show)


Man in the Saddle 1951 (Movie)


The Last Outpost 1951 (Movie)


Mysterious Island 1950 (Movie)


None Shall Escape 1943 (Movie)


Susan and God 1939 (Movie)

Bob (Actor)

A Lady without Passport (Movie)

Navy Flyer (Actor)

A Wing and a Prayer (Movie)

Ensign Gus Chisholm (Actor)

Angel on the Amazon (Movie)

Johnny McMahon (Actor)

Captain Eddie (Movie)

Capt. Cherry (Actor)

Keep 'Em Flying (Movie)

Cadet Stevens (Actor)

Proudly We Hail (Movie)

Georgie Larson (Actor)

Riders of the Deadline (Movie)

Tim Mason (Actor)

The Iron Mistress (Movie)


The Neanderthal Man (Movie)

Dr. Ross Harkness (Actor)

The Saint in Palm Springs (Movie)

Whitey (Actor)

This Time for Keeps (Movie)

Eustace Andrews (Actor)

Triple Threat (Movie)

Don Whitney (Actor)

We Who Are Young (Movie)

Bellboy (Actor)
Visual Effects & Animation (1)

Watch Me Move! 1987 - 1988 (TV Show)

Special Effects