Richard F Clark


Camera, Film, & Tape (16)

Babel 2006 (Movie)

24-Frame Playback (Video Assist/Playback)

Waist Deep 2006 (Movie)

24 Fr. Video Engineer (Video)

Solo 1996 (Movie)

video playback supervisor (Video Playback)

The Crow: City of Angels 1996 (Movie)

Video Engineer (Video)

Up Close and Personal 1996 (Movie)

(Video Playback)

Robocop 3 1993 (Movie)

video engineer (Video)

Career Opportunities 1991 (Movie)

video technician (Video)

Total Recall 1990 (Movie)

video coordinator (Video)

Lock Up 1989 (Movie)

video services(closed circuit) (Video)

Broadcast News 1987 (Movie)

video coordinator (Video)

Top Gun 1986 (Movie)

video engineer (Video)

Runaway 1984 (Movie)

video technician (Video)

Young Doctors in Love 1982 (Movie)


Alien Avengers II (TV Show)

Camera Assistant

Murder in Space (TV Show)


Pandora's Clock (TV Show)

Other (1)

Less Than Zero 1987 (Movie)

video consultant (Consultant)