Richard Wattis

Born: 02/25/1912 in WednesburyUK


Actor (39)

Confessions of a Window Cleaner 1973 (Movie)


Tam Lin 1970 (Movie)

Elroy (Actor)

Games That Lovers Play 1969 (Movie)

Lothran (Actor)

Monte Carlo or Bust! 1969 (Movie)

Golf Club Secretary (Actor)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968 (Movie)

Secretary at Sweet Factory (Actor)

Casino Royale 1967 (Movie)

British Army Officer (Actor)

Wonderwall 1967 (Movie)

Perkins (Actor)

The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery 1966 (Movie)

Bassett (Actor)

The Liquidator 1966 (Movie)

Flying Instructor (Actor)

Operation Crossbow 1965 (Movie)

Sir Charles Sims (Actor)

The Alphabet Murders 1965 (Movie)

Wolf (Actor)

The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders 1965 (Movie)

Jeweler (Actor)

Bunny Lake Is Missing 1964 (Movie)

Clerk in Shipping Office (Actor)

Carry on Spying 1964 (Movie)

Cobley (Actor)

The Battle of the Villa Fiorita 1964 (Movie)

Travel Agent (Actor)

The V.I.P.s 1963 (Movie)

Sanders (Actor)

Very Important Person 1962 (Movie)

Woodcock (Actor)

Bon Voyage! 1961 (Movie)

Englishman (Actor)

Come Fly With Me 1961 (Movie)

Oliver Garson (Actor)

I Thank a Fool 1961 (Movie)

Ebblington (Actor)

Dick and the Duchess 1957 - 1958 (TV Show)


Libel 1958 (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

Ten Seconds to Hell 1958 (Movie)

Major Haven (Actor)

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness 1958 (Movie)

Mr Murfin (Actor)

All at Sea 1957 (Movie)

Registrar Of Shipping (Actor)

High Flight 1957 (Movie)

Chauffeur (Actor)

The Prince and the Showgirl 1957 (Movie)

Northbrook (Actor)

The Silken Affair 1957 (Movie)

Worthington (Actor)

An Alligator Named Daisy 1956 (Movie)

Hoskins (Actor)

The Iron Petticoat 1956 (Movie)

Lingerie Clerk (Actor)

The Man Who Knew Too Much 1956 (Movie)

Assistant Manager (Actor)

The Man Who Never Was 1956 (Movie)

Shop Assistant (Actor)

Doctor in the House 1955 (Movie)

Salesperson (Actor)

Simon and Laura 1955 (Movie)

Controller (Actor)

The Colditz Story 1955 (Movie)

Richard (Actor)

The Intruder 1955 (Movie)


Hobson's Choice 1954 (Movie)

Albert Prosser (Actor)

The Time of His Life 1954 (Movie)


The Belles of St. Trinian's 1953 (Movie)

Manton Bassett (Actor)