Richie Donnelly


Camera, Film, & Tape (11)

Haywire 2012 (Movie)

1st Assistant(Dublin) (Camera Assistant)

Primeval 2011 (Tv Show)

Focus Puller

Is Anybody There? 2009 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

Boy A 2008 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

The Fall 2008 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

Becoming Jane 2007 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

Blood and Chocolate 2007 (Movie)

B Camera Focus Puller (Focus Puller)

P.S. I Love You 2007 (Movie)

(Ireland Unit) (Focus Puller)

U2's Beautiful Day 2002 - 2003 (TV Show)

Camera Operator

Rat 2001 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

September (TV Show)

Camera Trainee
Other (3)

Last of the High Kings 1998 (Movie)

clapper loader (Other)

The Break 1998 (Movie)

clapper loader("A" camera (Dublin)) (Other)

Space Truckers 1997 (Movie)

clapper loader (Other)