Richie Ren

Born: 06/22/1966


Actor (22)

Life Without Principle 2011 (Movie)


Punished 2011 (Movie)


Fire of Conscience 2010 (Movie)

Kee (Actor)

Yi ngoi 2009 (Movie)


Lady Cop and Papa Crook 2008 (Movie)


Storm Rider--Clash of Evils 2008 (Movie)

Voice of Wind (Actor)

Sun cheung sau 2008 (Movie)

Hartman (Actor)

Contract Lover 2007 (Movie)


Exiled 2007 (Movie)

Sergeant Chen (Actor)

2 Become 1 2006 (Movie)

V (Actor)

Breaking News 2006 (Movie)

Yuen (Actor)

Seoul Raiders 2005 (Movie)


20:30:40 2004 (Movie)

Coach Wang (Actor)

Elixir of Love 2004 (Movie)


Life Express 2004 (Movie)


Silver Hawk 2004 (Movie)

Rich Man (Actor)

Honesty 2003 (Movie)


Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat 2003 (Movie)


Summer Holiday 2001 (Movie)

More (Actor)

Sing yun 1999 (Movie)

Onion (Actor)

Bolei Cheun 1998 (Movie)

Bu's Suitor (Actor)

Meili Xin Shijie 1998 (Movie)

Xiao Bai (Actor)