Rick Benattar


Producer (11)

Kill Ratio 2016 (Movie)


Paradox 2016 (Movie)


The Last Heist 2016 (Movie)


Ironclad: Battle for Blood 2014 (Movie)


Sweetwater 2013 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)

Ironclad 2011 (Movie)


Real Steel 2011 (Movie)


Lost Boys: The Tribe 2007 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)

Shoot 'em Up 2007 (Movie)


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003 (Movie)

(Associate Producer)

Oz (Movie)

(Executive Producer)
Actor (1)

Dixon Maison-Mystery at Hillyard Manor 2004 (Movie)

Leo Stroheim (Actor)
Executive (1)

Bully 2001 (Movie)

(Angry Films) (Executive in Charge of Production)
Other (1)

Apt Pupil 1998 (Movie)

(to Jane Hamsher & Don Murphy) (Assistant)