Ricky Gervais Has ‘Specific Targets’ For Sunday’s Golden Globes

Ricky GervaisWe’re all well aware that Ricky Gervais is persona non grata to many of the A-List celebs who attended last year’s Golden Globes ceremony after he skewered a handful of tinsel town’s biggest names and we can all imagine there are more than a few celebs shaking in their boots (or Louboutins) in anticipation for this weekend’s ceremony. And they’re probably shaking because he just won’t shut up about how scathing he’s planning on being this weekend. It’s inescapable.

During the Television Critics’ Association winter press tour panel for his new series, Life’s Too Short, Gervais set forth his plan for his upcoming hosting gig: “I have specific targets, but targets is a word I wouldn’t use — [they’re] subjects,” and later “I’m going to do a monologue about the year and then [ding] six or seven people… like I did last year. I don’t have anything against anyone in the room; they’re just gags. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m a comedian. I’d rather they laugh than gasp, but I cherish the gasps along with the laughs.”

He also went on to say he doesn’t think anyone was actually offended last year – but maybe he should talk to Jennifer Lopez or Judd Apatow before he sticks with that story.

Do you think Gervais is too mean? Or do you think the big-name celebs need to get thicker skin?

Source: TVLine