Topics For Rebecca Black’s Future ‘Sunday’ Through ‘Thursday’ Songs

Rebecca BlackRick Diamond/Getty

Rebecca Black, the youngster responsible for possibly the worst song ever, has released a sequel to her garbage. “Friday,” which was auto-tuned as hell and features lyrics that seemed as if a fifth grader wrote them down during recess, has a successor.

The title? “Saturday.”

At least we know Black, 16, can recite the days of the week. In fact, Days of the Week should be her album title. Listening to “Friday” and “Saturday” is a chore. If you make it through, you should be nominated for sainthood. Walking barefoot on broken glass or listening to sharp fingernails scratch a chalkboard are better alternatives.

In honor of Black’s horrific music, we present topics for the rest of the days of the week. Perhaps her lyrics will step up to seventh-grade level.


It’s Sunday, whoops, forgot to do my homework.

Aren’t weekends fun?

Fun, fun, fun, fun


Wonder if that cute boy from P.E. class is watching Monday Night Football?

Time to take some Snapchat pics.

Partyin’, partyin’, yeah, yeah


I like fries.

I got SWAG.

Fun, fun, fun, fun


OMG, Justin Bieber has his shirt off!

I need some Beats By Dre headphones.

Partyin’, partyin’, yeah, yeah


I got gas from a cafeteria burrito.

Time to put on more lip gloss, cray, cray!

Lookin’ forward to the weekend.

Who knows what other brilliant topics Black will unleash to the listening public? Aren’t you on the edge of your seat?

But you must wait patiently, “Sunday” is a long time away. “Saturday” took two years, maybe Black will be in college when Sunday hits the charts.