Rihanna Channels ‘Wild Things’ in ‘Where Have You Been’ — VIDEO

rihannaWhen you have a body like Rihanna‘s, you can’t really blame her for wanting to flaunt it as much as possible, which is exactly what she does in the music video of her latest single “Where Have You Been.” Whether she’s shimmying in an exotic desert or channeling Denise Richards and Neve Campbell‘s expertise for water-based activities in the campy cult classic Wild Things, this 24-year-old singer knows how to heat up any geographical setting.

Group choreography, tribal wardrobes, and topless snapshots: This video has them all, and then some. (In other words, this video would most definitely be Stefon-approved.) There’s no doubt this track will be hitting the club scene in no time. The Rihanna Navy will be pleased.

Check out the full clip below and watch Rihanna make her latest plea to find love (which, thankfully, appears to be free of Chris Brown) and then inevitably bump Wild Things up to the top of your Netflix queue.


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