Rihanna Denies Ashton Kutcher Romance

ALTEver since Rihanna was spotted exiting Ashton Kutcher‘s home at 4 AM last week, everyone’s been wondering if the unlikely pair have been hooking up. It’s the kind of tawdry, tabloidy question that would usually be fielded by their reps, but at a London press conference for Rihanna’s film Battleship, one brave (or possibly dumb) reporter tried to catch her off guard. After a long and flattering intro, the reporter asked the pop star if Kutcher might be visiting her overseas. “Wow, how disappointing was that question,” Rihanna snapped back. “I’m happy and I’m single, if that’s what you’re really asking.”

That should nip this story in the bud, but if Rihanna’s lying about her love life, this wouldn’t be the first time. Or the second, or even the third. After photos first surfaced of Rihanna and Chris Brown kissing and vacationing together, she insisted they were “just good friends,” for months. After their split, she denied she was seeing Drake, but eventually admitted they had a fling. Then in 2010 when cameras caught her canoodling with Matt Kemp, she issued this suspiciously familiar denial: “I’m still single, if that’s what you really want to ask!” Later that year she gushed to Ryan Seacrest, “He’s my boyfriend!” Of course, Rihanna has every right to tell us to butt out when it comes to her love life, but don’t be too surprised if you see her Tweeting sweet nothings to Kutcher in a few weeks.

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