Rihanna Denies Sex Tape Rumors on Twitter

It’s completely normal for the tabloids to claim they have a sex tape of a slew of different Hollywood celebrities. It happens so much it’s gotten to the point of being like the little boy who cried wolf. Magazines cry sex scandal so many times that it’s hard to believe if it’s ever really true. But Rihanna is ready to call their bluff. The adult company Hustler claims that they are in possession of a sex tape of the “S&M” singer with rapper J. Cole, but Rihanna is shooting the rumor down and asking for proof.

Hustler stated “We have not made any decisions about what we are going to do with it yet,” which could mean several different things: 1. there is no sex tape and this is all just a publicity stunt, 2. there is a sex tape, but they aren’t entirely sure it’s Rihanna in the video, 3. they’re negotiating a price or some other legal issue, or 4. they’re concerned about the long term effects this could have on the pop-star herself and her dedicated admirers. Yeah right. My guess is either they aren’t sure it’s her or it’s some legal dilemma. Either way, they’re not making themselves look very credible by delaying its release. But nobody puts Rihanna in a corner — the singer is daring them to come out with the alleged tape because according to her, one doesn’t exist. The female artist took to Twitter about the issue saying “We don’t believe U, U need more people…AND ofcourse an actual sextape! #slownewsday.” Nothing like using social media to help clear up any rumors of a sex scandal. Now let’s put these rumors to rest…the poor girl has been through enough (see Chris Brown). Let it be known to all tabloids in the future — you play with Rihanna’s fiery red hair and you’re going to get burned.

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Source: E!