This Rihanna-‘Game of Thrones’ Mashup Is Life-Changing

Credit: Illustration

Here we were, thinking that the best thing to ever happen to the Game of Thrones theme music was discovering that its composer is super dreamy, when the band The White Panda came along to prove us wrong — and blow our minds. 

On their new album Barely Legal, The White Panda remixes Rihanna‘s “Diamonds” by laying it on top of the Game of Thrones theme song. The result it epic — like, ancient quest for forgotten treasure, accidentally opening a portal to another land, or catching the eye of that hot Starbucks barista epic.


Vibe, which sat down with The White Panda members Procrast (Tom Evans) and DJ Griffi (Dan Griffith) to discuss their latest album, posted the life-changing mashup to its site on June 17. Why it took eight days to reach our Game of Thrones-obsessed ears will go down as one of history’s unanswerable questions. 

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